Wednesday 29 February 2012

Blackbird tie

This last Sunday I went to London to meet my friend. We were shopping for a bag for her when I came across this tie in a stall in the Spitalfields market. You may know already that I like a good tie therefore you won't be surprised by this latest instance of impulse shopping. 

Well, I don't know how anyone could resist a tie with what I initially thought to be a generic bird or even a crow print, and there are decidedly fewer arguments against blackbirds! To cut a long story short, I thought it was too cute to leave, even if it meant adding to the non vintage part of my wardrobe (which reminds me, one of these days I have to show you my 1920's stripey tie). 

You will have to excuse my bulky knot - I had to watch a You Tube tutorial even to produce this! The fact that the tie is woolen and very thick doesn't help either. It looks so big in some of the pics - almost like a scarf - I start wondering if it really was such a good idea after all...On the plus side, it does keep one warmer than the ordinary tie would :)...of course, if warmth was an issue one could wear an actual scarf to that purpose, hmm...

The rest of the outfit consists of a Seeberger wool cloche, vintage acorn pin, mother's old jumper  Hobbs wide leg trousers, modern brogues and my 16 year old chunky cardigan/coat. Mum knitted this for me when I was in high school and it's still going strong.

 photo by Gerd Rossen


  1. A cute one and quite unusual to my eyes.

  2. Thank you all, I enjoyed wearing this - and did so for a few days with a few variations...

    What puzzles me is that someone called this outfit "crazy" - in a good way, they said they liked it. But crazy? I really didn't think I was stepping into that edgy a territory :) I get it that not all would wear a novelty tie, and even less so with a jumper rather than a shirt, but oven so, things seemed pretty tame to me...

  3. This is such, such a wonderfully engaging, whimsically fun outfit. That tie is simply too marvelous for words!

    And speaking of words, thank you deeply for your lovely ones regarding my cross country move. I really appreciate them, sweet gal.

    Oodles of hugs,

  4. What a great look! With sass to spare. And the tie was a neat find.