Wednesday 29 May 2013

Ch√Ętelaine chic

Since I was off yesterday the weather quite predictably went back to being gray, wet and horrible, meaning my visit to the Berkeley estate had to be confined to the castle alone. It's a splendid place, and I am looking forward to returning there at some sunnier time.

On the plus side the cool temperatures meant I could wear my new knitwear ensemble, and if you're wondering about the weak pun in the title, well I was simply hinting at how my hat resembles one of those medieval roundlet hats - so very fetching for the place I found myself to be.

Photographing is not allowed inside the castle therefore my outfit shots were taken on my return home, but a dark colour scheme (wine, navy and cream) and artificial light don't make the best of friends. I tried to lighten some of the pics so that the shapes and colours are actually visible. 

No specific pattern was followed, plus I have the unfortunate habit of changing my mind several times throughout a project, so what started off as a dress ended up a two piece ensemble with early and mid 30's details mixed in. In spite of that I feel it has a very authentic 30's look to it and I am particularly chaffed with the sleeves. Those, the inverted V and the peplum were all new elements to mum too, but she simply sailed through knitting them.

The hat was inspired by a velvet little number I've seen somewhere, and it is simply a skullcap worn at an angle on which a rope twisted of two skinny knitted lengths was placed at a different angle giving it a bit of height and a slight turban look. These are not sewn in place but secured with a hat pin, with the ends tucked underneath - meaning I get to play with them every time I wear the hat. 

Whilst the original hat was the same colour all over, I preferred to try a contrast and repeated that in the scarves worn around the boat neckline. I'm glad I have: it's great fun and it lifts the ensemble, albeit perhaps a little darker than ideal in terms of pairing the navy and the wine (as a result the cream looks white)

The one thing  that doesn't work and needs replacing is the waist elastic band in the skirt, as it doesn't stretch correctly and allows the skirt to drop an inch or so below where it should sit creating an ugly gap right below the buckle. I'm hoping this will be easily rectified.

On hindsight I'm not sure the peplum was such a great idea as it gives me a big hip look making me appear more pear shaped than I actually am - not too upsetting overall though after a first outing. Let's hope it doesn't end up getting on my nerves on the long run.

 P.S. Here is me posing, not entirely sure why, with a Romanian Easter egg, souvenir from a lot I decorated a few weeks ago...

Tuesday 28 May 2013


After the holiday the weather got sunny and I got back to work wearing this - it took a pirate/nautical themed event  to feel myself once again.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Sortez le dimanche

More of my short trip to Paris: it included visits at the Natural History Museum and the Constantin Brancusi studio, the odd church, lots of cafes, but mostly it consisted of being rained on in the streets (don't be fooled by the happy mood of this board...)

Pas de jaloux

Second one of my series is for my darling: the world is a better place because of you.

Chez Papa

So I had a teeny holiday (and lots of shit time) in Paris. I'm sure you're glad I want to share it with you.
On a side line, I wish I would have changed this damn template long ago, but I haven't, so if you want to see anything at all you are going to have to click on it - sorry. 
Here is the first of my photo slots - I've arranged them on moodboards for less uploading hassle and because I am, well... moody.

Wednesday 8 May 2013


 A spring's day out with friends brought photos of others' families, vans, rest spots, and summer all around.