Tuesday 28 December 2010

Off the vintage path

I've been naughty, yes. I've strayed. I meant to sell this dress in order to buy vintage stuff - it's the way I choose to "update" my wardrobe since I lack the spare money. I have to sell something I have - usually modern clothing - in order to buy something else -usually vintage. But I think I've change my mind, and this one might stay with me a little longer.
All lurex, clingy and with a slit down one leg, it's enough to make any lady-like-wannabe wrinkle her nose in dismay. Yet there's something about it which still appeals to me, as it did those years ago when I bought it and worn it to my high school graduation party. Highly inappropriate, I think now ( I must have become a lot shyer since), which probably accounts for its success at the time.
It was for a long time the only dress I owed, and something I knew I could rely on if needed for the occasional wedding or glam New Year's Eve party.
And it's been with the New Year now approaching that I forked it out from the suitcase under the bed, to see if it still works its sparkle...

Monday 27 December 2010

Happy Holidays

To all my blogging friends, may you have the merriest time this winter, happy and fabulous holidays, and a bright new year!

* illustration from a vintage card, PastandPresents, etsy.

What I really wanted to wear...

But like usual I am left with my day dreaming...However a realistic, certainly achievable New Year resolution would be to learn how to use that self timer...

Sunday 19 December 2010

What I wore...

All I wanted was a good pic of this nice old dress, but no such luck! Trying to make up for it with the quantity, but it doesn't quite work. Instead, I give you...a mighty mess...in midnight blue.

This is what I wore at the Christmas meal with the people from my new job. A last minute change, as I had in mind something else, but when I heard the dress code was smart casual I thought I'd better make an effort to blend in. It was a good try, if nothing else.
Why ever does the word "casual" come up in association with an evening do?...It beats me.
But I should make it a resolution for the year to come not to notice anymore details of the kind. Although, the question comes to mind: what would I be without the little things that bug me?!...
Still, most of the time I manage to be pretty oblivious to what's going on around me. I guess I can only wish for more consistency in 2011.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Bride in my bedroom

Details at deliadelia on etsy

Now I know the title of this might sound rather dubious, but that's what I've been playing at in this dress while trying to take some photographs for my etsy shop.
Alas, when I got married it was all rather too quick a register office affair, and what I wore didn't measure up against many of the more common species of wedding dresses, let alone a vintage beauty like this one.
I have since wished, and longed, and planned for a proper wedding, but that dream hasn't come true. It doesn't stop me though from parading around the bedroom in beautiful 1930s dresses and imagining how wonderful things could have been.
Or, more to the point, what a fantastic wedding a girl out there could have, swinging at the arm of a charming gentleman, or swipping everybody off their feet at a garden party...What do you think?

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Girl of the Alps

It has snowed here and winter has brought with it Alpine folklore inspiration. I find myself playing at none other than Heidi.
I love Tyrolean dress, with its gorgeous embroideries, naive and fun motifs, gay colors (lots of green and red, great combination for this time of the year, but one that I for one seem to favor all year round :)).
What is it not to like about it, really?
One sees fantastic buttons (tick), lots of flowers (there's edelweiss everywhere, tick), great celluloid and wood jewelery (a rather satisfying quantity of brooches for the aficionado, tick), and last but not least, HATS!!!
Now that's something I have on my list - the perfect bavarian/or inspired hat. I've seen some around, but I'm waiting for the one that will call my name and make my heart sing.

That's the bottom line about the Tyrolean dress as far I'm concerned: it prompts one to run around, sing and dance, and feel good about life. God knows there's never shortage of people needing just that.

Here are the sources for the images used in the mood board please note some of these pieces have sold, others are still available for purchase.

Hand painted wood, hat and boots brooch, mine :), picked at a vintage fair;
Green leaf button, greenrayprod on etsy;
Late 40s early 50s embroidered Swiss wool vest, designarchives, etsy;
1920s to 30s celluloid, wood and glass necklace, retrospace, etsy;
Heart embroidered gloves, MostlyMadelines, etsy;
Hand painted Edelweiss brooch, misswroe on ebay;
Cane and boots brooch, 1001objects, ebay;
Tyrolean hat brooch, Vintage jewelry and other treasures, ebay;
Upcycled Tyrolean 50's style dress, iloveswift, etsy;
Velvet jacket, a while ago on ebay, unnnoted source;
Red hat brooch, ebay, souce not be found anymore;
40's Tyrolean boy decal, VintageNecessities, etsy
40s embroidered velvet vest, missfarfalla, etsy.