Thursday 24 November 2011

Magenta, anyone? - a 1930's inspired winter outfit

This is what I wore today; in spite of not involving a lot of actual vintage, I am rather pleased with this outfit. By the way, what looks like crazy hot pink is in fact magenta in real life, and nowhere near that bright. 
You can see a detail of the accessories in the second pic, together with a sneak preview of a seriously big cardigan - about 3 sizes more than I wear, which I picked up today because I couldn't not to.. ahem. 
And now I'm off to check out some more stuff on line, as my over excited shopping mood seems to coincide with  a number of promotions on etsy (see Rhianon's comment to my previous post, to mention just one). 
I must be good though!...So perhaps turn to buttons?!...

 Accessorize wool beret, silk scarf and leather belt;
Laura Ashley cardigan and coat; 
French Connection skirt; 
Van Dal shoes; 
1920s clutch bag.

Thursday 17 November 2011

Here comes the chicken ...or how not to wear a 1930's swing style jacket

There is posing...and there is me posing. 

This mid 30's inspired knit is the last in the current series. It is made from a wonderful yarn,75% wool 25% silk, that behaved extremely well and on which both mother and I are hooked.
So much so I can't wait to get more!

This little project started - surprise, surprise! - with a sporty short sleeve blouse, yet another golf little number.
I am not showing this yet as it's waiting for the buttons to arrive (yes, that's right, I bought special 30's green glass buttons to go with it :)).
Then I wanted a skirt to match. When the skirt was done, there was yarn left. So I thought: why not a 3 piece ensemble? That's how the cardigan was born.
And that's the making of one glorious set!

It all turned out wonderfully if I may say so myself, I am beyond happy with this, all pieces fit perfectly, and the work is definitely worthy of its vintage inspiration / counterpart. 
I love you mother, and let me say: we have arrived!
This is the right league.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Olive is coral and I'm crazy about vintage sportswear

 My husband calls me Olive. You can see why.

Knitted polo t-shirt in coral & cream mohair

Ah! aspirations..."far cry" comes to mind. None of the panache, none of the grace of the original model reflects on me in the slightest. 
So what if my keds actually match my sport top? My joy of owning both comes across, surely, if only rather disjointed...:)

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Red seams

This is how my cardigan from the previous post was supposed to turn out.
Only that it didn't :).  It turned out like this:
Not only is it a lot longer but it forms an unfortunate gap in the middle of the bust. I will try and resew the buttons to see if I can overcome this problem.
Here I have folded it in on the inside to get closer to the wanted length.

I have actually taken these pics in order to prove to my mother, who has knitted it for me, that things are not really that bad (she wasn't chuffed when she saw it first time around) but I'm afraid I'm falling rather flat.
Mum is still not happy with it at all, and will redo it for me in the summer when I go home.
Since it seemed that I needed a little bit more than funny faces to "work" this, I thought I'd try these seamed tights I bought a while back but never gave a go. Not at all authentic, I know, but fun nevertheless.

Sunday 13 November 2011

How do you like my tie?

Hullo, I thought I'd pop in to say I'm still here and show off my latest purchase, this dashing tie! I love it to bits, but I was rushing so badly to get dressed and be out of the house while there was still some light, that I made a right pig's tail of that knot! It can only be better next time, I guess. But I couldn't wait until next time to show it to you, so that's that.
Coming with it there are 2 knits just sent over by my mother, the red cardigan is made in a lovely Debbie Bliss Donegal tweed, and the vest in some rough dark green Shetland with lime flecks. I am very chuffed with these too, and I'll probably show them over and over again in many posts, as I hope to get a lot of wear out of them. 
If you like them, stay posted, I've got more knits to show, some already made, others in the making as mother and I have project after project lined up, you'll get bored stiff... I, for one, never seem to.