Thursday 17 November 2011

Here comes the chicken ...or how not to wear a 1930's swing style jacket

There is posing...and there is me posing. 

This mid 30's inspired knit is the last in the current series. It is made from a wonderful yarn,75% wool 25% silk, that behaved extremely well and on which both mother and I are hooked.
So much so I can't wait to get more!

This little project started - surprise, surprise! - with a sporty short sleeve blouse, yet another golf little number.
I am not showing this yet as it's waiting for the buttons to arrive (yes, that's right, I bought special 30's green glass buttons to go with it :)).
Then I wanted a skirt to match. When the skirt was done, there was yarn left. So I thought: why not a 3 piece ensemble? That's how the cardigan was born.
And that's the making of one glorious set!

It all turned out wonderfully if I may say so myself, I am beyond happy with this, all pieces fit perfectly, and the work is definitely worthy of its vintage inspiration / counterpart. 
I love you mother, and let me say: we have arrived!
This is the right league.


  1. I understand your happiness! It's stunning! Colour and cut fits you beautifully!

  2. So elegant! You look beautiful and, that burgundy color suits you fine!

  3. Thank you girls, can't wait to take this one out in the world, it looks even better in person! And I am counting the hours until my green buttons arrive...!

  4. This is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the buttons! I'm so envious that you have someone who knits these beautiful creations for you, and your mother is one talented lady! Everything she has knitted has looked stunning on you, and this one is no exception!

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