Wednesday 13 July 2011

Wine red and violet blue - a popular late 1930's colour combination


Tiny silver brooch early 20th c., might go in my etsy shop if only I could part with it;
Fine knit vintage dress: when I spotted this on line I thought this was from the 60's, now I think it is quite a bit earlier (will show this more in coming posts);
Modern cotton cardigan, I've had this one a few years now and worn it a lot, I love the colour;
1930's leather belt, soft like butter;
Vintage crocheted bag, last year's purchase from ebay ;
Modern comfort :) shoes.

Monday 4 July 2011

Great-mother's blouse and a sporty outfit


 Linen blouse, homespun, woven, sewn and embroidered by my great-mother in 1910's (the purpose of this post was to show this off);

miniature ceramic jugs from a shop in Budapest, worn as pendants;

not worn here, but pictured with the jugs there is a woven belt, part of the Romanian traditional folk costume and which I intend to pair with these trousers in a future ensemble;

LK Bennett linen trousers, just acquired on ebay where they were advertised as a 30's "Follow the Fleet" style - I don't know about that but I was disappointed with both the cut and the fit; after having taken them in a little bit at the waist and the back (and employing my poor hand sewing skills in the process) they do seem to work; for the future though I simply have to have something wider...

Primark navy tennis shoes, I have them in 3 colors and will go back for a forth, they are that comfortable. 

Finally, you wouldn't tell, but I made an effort with the hair - it did in fact look lovely, shame I can't prove it.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Something's got to be wrong

I do what I do and always manage an unhinged look.
Hope your summer is more put together. 

mother's 70's peasant blouse
50's Boreva Sportswear skirt
late 50's/early 60's raffia bag
modern tennis shoes
disastrous hair...