Saturday 21 August 2010

Selling on Etsy

While I am not a professional seller (nothing wrong with that, I'd love to be one in fact) and not very experienced either as far as Etsy goes, I have decided to sell a few of my vintage items there.
Some things were handed down to me, others I bought, but for various reasons don't work so well for me. Check out my things, see what you think!

It's not a lot at the moment (I don't know if there will ever be), it's just a way of selling on the vintage that one doesn't necessarily want to keep for oneself. And Etsy seems a better platform for that that Ebay, it's a shame though it isn't quite as popular in the UK!

Monday 16 August 2010

Summer, stay...

With the sun out I couldn't resist fooling around in this folk ensemble - rather a bombastic term since it is incomplete and poorly styled, and it would make proper wearers of traditional attire sneer in utter disdain, and quite rightfully so!
It always feels great to wear something that allows the skin to breathe - for this reason I am a huge fan of linen and hemp, although this particular example is cotton - but no, the design is not meant to show a large portion of one's midriff, I've just grown out of this one (not in fact made for me) a little while ago.
Still, having on something that makes you sing and dance and jump and run and be happy in the warmth and light of what's left of the summer, that must be worth the potential ridicule.

For the real thing, I suggest you check out the traditional costumes of the beloved Maria Tanase, whose stunning beauty and unequaled voice have earned her in the hearts of many the status of first lady of Romanian song.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Gypsyland - part two

Gypsyland revisited, my own make up this time, and a general look that I am rather pleased with if I may say so myself.

Sharing today yet another Romica Puceanu song, "Saraiman", and for this one I found a translation of the lyrics on schmoukiz's blog:

"If the love I have inside,
Would trace your steps and haunt your nights,
Would trace your steps and haunt your nights,
Turn around and round around,
Hardly you would get much sleep,
Nor for other, further weep,
Aaaa, aaah.

For a love as big as mine,
You may never find alike,
You may never find alike,
Turn around and round around,
And my tenderness is such,
There’s no other soul to match,
Aaaa, aaah.

If I only knew you came,
I would gladly pave your way,
I would gladly pave your way,
Turn around and round around,
Paved in flowers and in gems,
So you don’t show up too late,
Aaaa, aaah."

You can not not love this song.

Gypsyland - part one

So I went for a make over a couple of days ago. I took with me several photos from that era - "gypsy" and non gypsy - and explained the make up artist I wanted a 1920s look with a gypsy flair to it. This is the result.

It looks kind of...not quite there. At the time I thought it was ok, so perhaps it's just me taking bad pics and not really going for the whole look other than make up wise.
I also did grin all the time, so you can't see the shape of the lips - I insisted on the bow shape, which was somewhat achieved although the sides of my mouth weren't concealed.

While the shape of the eyebrows is very nice, it doesn't manage to be a 20's eyebrow, and that is a very important detail for the overall success of the look. Still, a rather nice brow.

And this is the reason I never use under eye concealer! It just makes things worse, settling in all the creases and showing off all the wrinkles.

All make up used was by Benefit. I particularly liked the Dandelion brightening powder, which I know is popular with a range of vintage looks, used as that or just as a blush.
For an actual blush Benetint lip and cheek blush was used, blended in, rather than applied straight on the under eyes section of the cheek in a round shape, as in the vintage fashion.
I liked this one too, in spite of being told afterwards by my lovely husband that my face looked rather too red...
Oh well,to see my own efforts next stay tuned for part two of Gypsyland!

And now sharing another favorite from Romica Puceanu:

Sunday 1 August 2010

My 1940s favorites on Etsy

Gorgeousness at at all levels and impossible to resist to, this beauty sold at the beginning of the year from RaggedyThreads

What a delightful color combination and fun details in this summer cotton dress available from Millie B Vintage

Beloved stripes in my size! Sold by fluffypinkbunnies

Another one from them, also now sold, in a fun tropical print

1940's plaid pinafore style sun dress sold by Club Vintage

40s or 40s style cutie available from salvagelife

Gorgeous pink knit darlingness sold a little while ago from missmucho

Fantastic knit example from the 1940s, available from Snootie Seconds

I love this style of jacket, find it very flattering, the diagonal closure is great and so are those lapels. It would have fitted too, alas it sold to someone else, from readyfreddyvintage

Prance and Swagger (the name comes up again and again on my favorites shortlist) do it again with this wonderful bolero:

A great little one from the 1940s or 1950s , available from adelaideshomesewn

Another dress from them, truly beautiful, this navy crepe example is my size too, unfortunately I could never match the price tag. Absolutely stunning.

A vibrant yet elegant frock, now sold, from dandiesndames

Absolutely exquisite 40s frock available from Firefly Vintage

Available From Flapper Flock, a sweeter than sweetness evening gown: