Monday 16 August 2010

Summer, stay...

With the sun out I couldn't resist fooling around in this folk ensemble - rather a bombastic term since it is incomplete and poorly styled, and it would make proper wearers of traditional attire sneer in utter disdain, and quite rightfully so!
It always feels great to wear something that allows the skin to breathe - for this reason I am a huge fan of linen and hemp, although this particular example is cotton - but no, the design is not meant to show a large portion of one's midriff, I've just grown out of this one (not in fact made for me) a little while ago.
Still, having on something that makes you sing and dance and jump and run and be happy in the warmth and light of what's left of the summer, that must be worth the potential ridicule.

For the real thing, I suggest you check out the traditional costumes of the beloved Maria Tanase, whose stunning beauty and unequaled voice have earned her in the hearts of many the status of first lady of Romanian song.


  1. I love that ensemble, it's gorgeous!

  2. I love the details, and those darling red shoes!


  3. love your cute outfit very mexican.

  4. thanks everyone for your kind comments! i had put this one for sale on etsy, then changed my mind...i feel really uneasy about selling stuff like this - probably it's my developing collecting mania that feels uneasy :)- but I was left a very bitter taste since I sold a 1920s peasant blouse that was absolutely gorgeous, in perfect nick AND a family heirloom for nearly next to nothing on ebay. Whoever bought it didn't even have the courtesy to leave me feedback.
    Now this ensemble was not made in my family, yet being a Romanian (observe, not Mexican) folk costume it is not equal to me where and how it ends up. So at least for now it will stay with me.