Wednesday 7 December 2011


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One of my admittedly strange pastimes is to browse through old photographs - snapshots of real people wearing my most beloved fashions,  with their goofy, pretty or contemplative faces glaring back at me from the yellowed frames... 
Through this window to someone's soul, this crumble of someone's existence, I sometimes get the odd crush on strangers, and I  wonder: who were these people? were they happy? were they loved? have they achieved what they set out to, have they obtained what they desired? have they lived full lives? and have they really grown old, became ill, died? ...have they survived perhaps in someone's heart?...
No answers, only a smile shared through time. 
And soon this too is to be dust...

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Monday 5 December 2011

The cardigan that changes all - falling for Fair Isle

As you can see, it's versatility that preoccupies me at the moment, the chameleon-ing of one outfit into something else with the add of a piece or two. In this case, what I wore in my last post to channel a Katherine Hepburn look, steps now further back in time for a whiff of late 20s /early 30s sportswear.

I don't know how you like my take on Fair Isle, but I'm telling you, this little thing does take me places. 
It certainly took me to work 3 days in a row as pictured above...and little thing it isn't, in fact it seems more like three sizes bigger than I normally wear. So big in fact that I've been wearing it on top of a small fitted jacket too, as an outer layer! Yeah, baby, this is looove... Can't take the damn thing off! 

In fact, it sparked an interest with Fair Isle that I had not yet experienced, in spite of this thing being very fashionable lately (outside the vintage circles) from what I can gather.
I suppose it  all spurred naturally - if rather slowly - for me out the growing obsession with 20s and 30s casual and sportswear that I've been entertaining for the last year or two.
So there you have it: I'm officially a Fair Isle convert!

Photo from Barbara's blog Re Knitting

The 3 images above are part of the Textiles Collection in the Shetland Museum and Archives
Photo via the wonderful A Polar Bear's Tale blog, see article here
Pattern available at The Vintage Knitting Lady

Sunday 4 December 2011

Channeling Miss Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn, The Lake, 1933

The polo neck or turtleneck, paired with slacks, was a get up much favored by Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo.
I am an admirer of both, and most of all, of the slick, casual style they sported with such aplomb.

 Jigsaw silk/angora polo neck;
Hobbs trousers; 
Vintage military map bag;
Alfred Sargent shoes

Friday 2 December 2011

Same dress, different woman: a mid to late 1930's style outfit

Speaking about putting a base piece to more uses, what do you think about this? It certainly responds to my need of change and "adventure", of starting from the same point but taking a side route and arriving to something altogether different. 
It also gives me that sense of satisfaction that you get when the things in your wardrobe just click together, like a puzzle that falls into place.
For all these reasons and more, I love this outfit. Not bad for a cheap dress that I picked for my shop - it never made it there, fits far too well in my wardrobe - and a cardigan that mum knitted out of remnants from a different project!


The forest green and wine red are yummy together, and I like the off center/asymmetric fastening illusion coming from the sides that overlap - they are not meant to, but since the cardigan jacket is quite roomy it allows me to do this. There a a lot of examples of later 1930's style employing this off center, asymmetric closure which for some reason appeals to me.

I have accessorized with a 1930's Robin Hood/Peter Pan style hat, a tiny treasure that comes in dark green velvet. It has a grosgrain bow that is in need of a trim, but even so, it has to be the star of this ensemble.

A Deco hide clutch in two tones of green, one of the favorites in my collection, and just the thing for this outfit!
Finally, another pair of "snakeskin" Poetic Licence shoes, I am a fan of what they produced a few seasons ago.

Spot the resemblance?- a vintage cherry knit dress and leopard print accessories

Remember this dress? Well, I've always wanted to show you a better view of it, but this wasn't my lucky day of camera cooperation.  Anyway, you get to see a different outfit using the same base piece, in a  40's inspired approach.

Now I'm no feline, and don't normally do leopard print. An accent is all I manage. But my sweet shoes were so lonely that in the end I gave in. and decided to get the vintage fur collar (died rabbit) pictured above to match the leopard print on these wedges. It has seen better days, but haven't we all?!...

 For a spot of authenticity I added this 40's copper brooch. Isn't she a beauty? Believe or not, I have come across 2, one which which is up for grabs in my etsy store!