Monday 5 December 2011

The cardigan that changes all - falling for Fair Isle

As you can see, it's versatility that preoccupies me at the moment, the chameleon-ing of one outfit into something else with the add of a piece or two. In this case, what I wore in my last post to channel a Katherine Hepburn look, steps now further back in time for a whiff of late 20s /early 30s sportswear.

I don't know how you like my take on Fair Isle, but I'm telling you, this little thing does take me places. 
It certainly took me to work 3 days in a row as pictured above...and little thing it isn't, in fact it seems more like three sizes bigger than I normally wear. So big in fact that I've been wearing it on top of a small fitted jacket too, as an outer layer! Yeah, baby, this is looove... Can't take the damn thing off! 

In fact, it sparked an interest with Fair Isle that I had not yet experienced, in spite of this thing being very fashionable lately (outside the vintage circles) from what I can gather.
I suppose it  all spurred naturally - if rather slowly - for me out the growing obsession with 20s and 30s casual and sportswear that I've been entertaining for the last year or two.
So there you have it: I'm officially a Fair Isle convert!

Photo from Barbara's blog Re Knitting

The 3 images above are part of the Textiles Collection in the Shetland Museum and Archives
Photo via the wonderful A Polar Bear's Tale blog, see article here
Pattern available at The Vintage Knitting Lady


  1. Wow, everything you wear seriously inspires me more and more!

  2. That is such a nice thing to say! To think that I could inspire anyone! You're a doll.

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  4. I love your Fair Isle photos - nice to see one from my blog in such distinguished company.

  5. Hi Barbara, thank you for stopping by!

  6. The closest thing I've got to the above knitwear is an old green and red argyle V-neck I usually wear over a thin poloneck.