Monday 18 February 2013

Fancy a cuppa?

...Or should we simply call it: The Case of the Missing Saucer?...
Appealing as that may sound, I am not in fact inviting you to solve any great mystery, just hinting to a little project I was involved in recently at the Gloucester Antiques Centre, who by the way own the rights to these photos. 
But more about that later! Let's just say that I got the chance to show off one of my favourite winter outfits.

This green number accented with yellow bakelite buckle and buttons was the first 30's inspired knit mother made for me, and for that it will always be special. You can see it in more detail here.

 The jaunty Peter Pan style hat works perfectly with it and with my new  hair - well apart from those weird strands framing my face - but I guess I wouldn't be me if not a hair looked out of place (literally).  I'm really happy to finally see my hair fitting my 30's hats, especially as I haven't had a particularly successful hair cut, but this aspect appeases me a great deal. 

Finishing with my most beloved 30's shoes (also to be seen here) there isn't in fact a single aspect of this outfit I am not pleased about, which is pretty amazing as I have an unbeatable capacity to sweat the small stuff.

But what I love about it most is how very relaxed and joyful it feels, with its playfulness so typical of 30's sports inspired fashion. I feel as if I'm holidaying in the Alps, having fun on the slopes around some Swiss chalet, a la Claudette Colbert in I met him in Paris
Just to be decidedly nerdy, I'll add that that the pattern of this knit dates to 1937, the same year as the film :)

And that's all for now.


  1. Absolutely great outfit! Love it!

  2. Such a truly marvelous, elegant cold weather ensemble. It's a treat to see this lovely knit outfit again, and I can't wait to hear more about the neat project with the Antiques Centre.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Claudette would be proud of such an ensemble, you look adorable! x

  4. LOVE the dress especially this tone of's my favourite!Adore the shoes!they look so cute and pretty:)did you wear this ensemble with your new fur?If so this would be a perfect outfit;)there's something i want to ask...what sizes do vintage shoes come out?i wear quite a big size(10 or 41 if that's better)and i'm not sure if i will be able to find any...

    1. Thank you. I wish you the best of luck with your quest for vintage shoes. It is a tough one though, and your chances also depend on your period of choice. For me it is the 20's and 30's, and even at a fairly small and common size, 37 (4.5 UK or 6.5-7 US)I do struggle. Most shoes I come across from this period are too narrow, even if they fit lengthwise . I'm a medium width by modern standards, and require a good 3 " sole width, yet most of the shoes I look at measure less. The ones I wear here fit me perfectly, but this is an exceptional instance. The ones from the previous post are really tight!! I don't seem to have at all a problem with shoes from 50's onwards. It's worth remembering that up to the 1930's the size regulation wasn't what it became afterwards. Also, the chance of coming across shoes from the 20's and 30s that are in very good condition or new old stock is a lot higher when it comes to unpopular sizes (very small, very narrow,etc). So if you find yourself at the opposite spectrum, who knows, you might get lucky that way!

  5. I love love love this look! That color scheme is fabulous, and those shoes? Drool!

  6. Love the outfit, great photos and great blog :)


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