Friday 30 September 2011

The age of innocence

Childhood revisited or to put it bluntly, mutton dressed as lamb? Call it as you may, I obviously couldn't resist the temptation (see the grin). 
My worst to date, Mr P endeavored to remark. Apparently I have absolutely outdone myself in choosing the most unflattering shape and going for the "institutionalized child" look, possibly slightly retarded too...Ha ha! Well it certainly isn't one of my more mature choices... Joke aside, I can see where he's coming from ...if by institutionalized he means an early 30's boarding school, that is :).
Because that's where this piece of cloth works its magic for me. The evocative capacity is second to none among the vintage I posses . And while by no means do  I have a comprehensive collection, I still find the fact significant.
"This dress is not as nice as you think" says he. Yet the point is not that, but a different matter altogether. 
...I'm about to chase butterflies, roll in the grass and watch the clouds become fiery dragons reduced to nothing by valiant princes, my eyes dipped into the blue, my heart soaked into the light of this eternal summer... So it's not "nice" I give you, my friend - or rather, I give to myself - but a split second of a paradise forever lost, or perhaps only ever imagined, a glimpse du temps perdu I could almost catch through my tinted glass of nostalgia.


  1. Oh, yes it IS nice. WONDERFUL in fact. One of my favourites! Silly boys, they just don't get it, but I DO!!! xo

  2. You look so darling in this dress! I was looking through my reader and was instantly smitten with your whole look :)
    Ditto the Baroness- boys are sure silly sometimes!

  3. Thank you ladies. The dress is from etsy shop Little Vintage Cottage and I sure love it! Never mind the boys and their ideas :) we all know that what they are like sometimes!
    It didn't upset me in the least. I am very selfish and it's my own pleasure that I seek through dressing. If it can touch anybody else in a pleasant way, it's a bonus, but just that, however lovely a compliment from one's darling may feel. Still, it's nice when others get your idea and you don't feel like a complete nutter while pursuing it.

  4. I thin you look very cute!

  5. Now mum chipped in with: "where on earth did you find that?!..."