Thursday 10 June 2010

Erik Satie Gnossienne No. 1 by Tzvi Erez, piano

With the risk of overdoing it I wanted to post this other interpretation of Satie's piece I came across. It lacks perhaps some of the refinement in the notes, the forever haunted feeling the other one leaves you with, yet it is somehow more forceful, stronger, of a non resigned desperation, less final. I initially tried to include it in my other post but it wouln't work. So let me share my obsession with you once again.

Also sharing my black wool felt 1940's tilt hat, which is the vintage item I paid the most for so far. It was one of those cases when you have to have it, or else you might have a stroke. I chose the hat, and we've been happy ever since. From lovely UK seller pussyfootvintage.


  1. first of all, that hat looks AMAZING on you. This look is SO chic and sophisticated. It seems to fit you perfectly!

    Regarding those little old cotton 30s dresses you are on the lookout for, here are my thoughts on the subject
    1) it must be extremely difficult to find them in the UK (at least the feedsack ones...for some reason, I see this being more of a North American Dustbowl thing. Or maybe I'm wrong)
    2) if #1 is indeed true, your best bet is eBay. I've found many of my 30s dresses (esp. cotton ones) in the completely wrong categories (SO many sellers misidentify frocks from the earlier part of the era it's ridiculous. They either put them in with the 30s or 40s. Sometimes I've seen them in the 50s category and beyond).
    3) if you were ever interested in having me sell you one through my Etsy shop, I'd love it if you could send me your specific price budget range and sizing info to (or if you are on Etsy you can convo me through the shop over at and I'm pretty sure I can get you one of these lovelies for your very own before too long. Oh, if you could remind me which color(s) you dislike or feel you cannot wear, that would help me narrow the search. xoxo

  2. Thank you're such a sweetheart!
    As for Ebay, I assure you I am a total hound, but will definitely take the advice of looking for misidentified items, and I suppose if I am looking in the unlikely places it is more likely that I could get a deal, provided that I did find anything to start with.
    The problem with buying from overseas on both Ebay and Etsy are the ridiculous custom charges we pay in UK. These can double the cost and most of the time are a deal breaker (that's the idea, I believe) as by no means my tiny budget can take them.
    But thank you for the offer, and I will c email you, just in case something cheap enough comes up?! xx
    p.s. sorry, all those deleted posts were my silly editing, should really use the preview button...