Wednesday 23 June 2010

Peach sorbet

Today I am sharing with you "Do you want to meet me on Saturday night?" sang by Jean Moscopol, a Romanian singer of the interwar period, who fled the country when communism gained political power in Romania in 1945. He was to remain in exile in the United States until his death in 1980. Due to his vehement opposition to communist policies he was marginalized until nearly erased from national memory. It's shocking how few people remember him today, yet in the 1930s he was an artist of renown in Bucharest and Europe, with over 300 songs in his repertoire, both Romanian and foreign.
I love this song, the exaggerated manner of his "r", very much on trend at that time in francophile Romania, and the funny lyrics about two lovers' dilemma of when best to meet:
"On Monday it's pointless, Tuesday brings bad luck, Wednesday is a fast day, on Thursday I dine with an uncle whose fortune I am to inherit... "). The video is interesting to watch too, as it contains images from Bucharest in between the wars.

The lyrics of the song in Romanian (for those of my connationals who might stumble upon my blog - you never know) are mixed in with pics of me wearing my 1930s embroidered net dress.
I bought this dress last September and just couldn't wait any longer to wear it. Peach is a tough color for me, but I loved the dress too much to leave it, and I'm very obstinate to make it work. (hopefully obstinate enough to get a tan at some stage :)).
I'm wearing it with a 20's beaded bag, vintage crocheted gloves, modern shoes, and vintage necklace and earrings.

"Aş vrea într-o seară să ne întâlnim
Dar nu ştiu când e mai bine să ieşim
Lunea n-are nici un rost
Marţi e rău ca merge prost
Miercuri ştii şi tu că e zi de post"

"Joi mi-e imposibil să te întâlnesc
Că mănânc c-un unchi pe care-l moştenesc
Vineri nu se poate, nu
Că postesc şi eu şi tu
Numai sâmbătă putem să ne dăm rendezvous"

"Şi dacă ne-o place stăm chiar până-n zori de zi
Că duminică putem dormi"

"Vrei să ne-ntâlnim sâmbătă seară
Într-o cârciumioară la şosea
Unde cântă un pian şi-o vioară
Şi-unde nu ne vede nimenea"

"Perechi perechi amorezaţii stau la masă
Şi nu văd nimic în jurul lor
Guriţă iau de consumaţie ce le pasă
Dacă-şi fac jurăminte de-amor"

"Vrei să ne-ntâlnim sâmbătă seară
Într-o cârciumioară la şosea

Vrei să ne-ntâlnim sâmbătă seară
Într-o cârciumioară la şosea"


  1. this is soo lovely! wonderful shoes, gorgeous bag, and heavenly dress! I think you wear peach very very well! I picture you off to the opera in that elegant ensemble!

  2. thank you, I love it so! opera sounds great, I wish I had that lifestyle! I was thinking myself I'd have to wait until somebody gets married to be able to wear this :) A friend is due next summer, but it's such a long wait! Plus, he's so not into vintage I might get rather wary of wearing it, not that I'd care normally, but then you don't want to upset people on their wedding day. All in all, sounds like opera might be my best bet after all! shame it's such an exclusive business in Britain.