Tuesday 25 December 2012

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Girl crush

Anglo-Indian actress Seeta Devi (born Renee Smith), 1925

Anita Loos

Mary Brian

Jobyna Ralston

Marceline Day

Louise Brooks

Josephine Baker

While the camera embargo continues, I thought at least I'd share some images that inspire me, and today they revolve around beautiful ladies.Aren't they simply amazing?

Photos from anythinggoes.tumblr, valentinovamp.tumblr and possibly a couple of other places too...

Thursday 1 November 2012

So much to show you, such little means

Yes we haven't seen much of me lately. That's because I broke my camera back in September when I photographed the collegiate ensemble I showed you last time. The tripod broke it actually, and the blasted British wind. Hence no outfit posts for me, and sadly silence, in the absence of the energy for anything else. I am not sure how much longer this camera embargo will last, at the moment I don't quite have the splash power necessary in order to end it. 

What is certain is that I am not coping very well with the said situation, especially as I have so much to show you! Mostly more knits, a fresh batch in, lovingly made by mother, that arrived at my doorstep last week and deserve admiring from every possible angle :) 

Until such adoring act shall be possible consolation is to be found in browsing my latest shop additions. I've kept very busy and have some true gems in there right now. Here's a selection which, thanks to my phone, you can just about see.

Drool worthy shoes

A great bag selection

 Eye candy jewellery

Even a flapper's cap!

May you enjoy your visit ...and I hope you'll see me soon too :)

Thursday 20 September 2012

The return of the tie


 I've been wearing this 2 (out of 3) piece ensemble a lot lately, it is one of the most successful knit projects in between mother and I, to my mind. Husband's now teasing me with a German sounding nick name he thinks appropriate for a bad ass governess.

The outfit certainly seems to create some bewilderment amongst children and teens. While the time of governesses has long gone and I am too old to play the pupil, I am hoping there is still room in the collegiate frame of mind for alternative options. 
Such as that of wearing an outfit one likes, without trying to be anything. Even if it happens to include a tie.


Wednesday 29 August 2012

Sports vest

As much as I may lack talent for any sports - and sadly I do  - this slight inadvertence doesn't stop me from coveting the amazing sportswear of the 20's and 30's. Can't even legitimate my love for this gear through attending sports events as a spectator, I'm that disinterested.
Luckily, the modern ways of wearing sports clothing as casual wear are for once in favour of my inclinations. It is still tough to push through an equestrian outfit when missing the horse, but I reckon this cricket looking little number won't have to face the same challenges.

As you can see it was inspired by the beautiful fair isle example above. Unfortunately mother doesn't do fair isle, but what I wanted was to replicate the shape, which went pretty well. 
It's also done in a coarser Shetland type wool, which means the overall effect is somewhat bulkier and rougher. I love very textured yarns that cry out loud their provenance. 
I've been wearing this the other day when it started raining, and the wool immediately gave that typical sheep whiff. I was instantly transported back into my childhood to those moments when I was helping my grandmother wash the sheared wool at the river. In fact, the natural, undyed wool in this vest still comes from that village. And that feels pretty good..

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Work wear?

Well, I guess it depends on the line of work. It is work wear for me, because I am lucky in that I can wear what I like at work, so I keep it smart-casual whilst wearing my vintage, mixed, or vintage inspired wardrobe like in this case. After some years of imposed dress code or even uniform, I am appreciative of this freedom.

All clothes are modern, the blouse is a French Connection ebay buy,  a chiffon silk little thing which I thought had nice vintage lines. Paired with a newly acquired butterfly guilloche vintage necklace (that may or may not make it in  to my shop) and with Deco end of day beads.

Monday 20 August 2012

More shop goodness

1950s fruit glass brooch

Victorian hand painted porcelain crescent brooch

1930's frilly jabot

1930s satin and lace dickey

1930s play suit

30's style Ralph Lauren linen jacket

All available here.

Friday 17 August 2012

Latests shop additions: scrumptious 30's to 50's fashions!

Late 30's velvet jacket with beautiful gold bullion embroidery

As days are going by, temperatures and moods are changing. Sooner than we'll realize Autumn will be upon us once again. Usually this time of the year I am desperately trying to hang onto any shred of summer there may left be to be had. This year though, perhaps because there wasn't any real summer to speak of, I'm ready for change from the wet & muddy weather and have put all my hopes into the dryness of a golden fall.

They'll be more knits, and I'll be back to my two other major comfort zones: velvet and suede - fully illustrated here by these examples that have just left my bulging wardrobe and made it into the shop
Heart is a little heavy to let go of these treasures, but lack of space and money are good reasons to be ruthless. I hope they find a good home and at least as much love as I've given them.

1950's black velvet bolero with amazing roses embroidery


40's to 50's suede bag in fabulous condition - a true collection piece!
1930's gloves with the most scrumptious Deco details

1950's chocolate gloves with a cut out pattern, never worn!

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Junior vest

Well, not too much time could pass without a knit post on this blog. Children's wear though is not sometimes that gets featured here at all, in spite of scoring very high on my list of very admired garments. And how could it? I haven't got children of my own, and I myself slide every day further from the blessed age of innocence, with the terrible risk of looking like a mutton dressed in lamb should I indulge my passion...Still, today is no such day.


This is due to to the fact that vintage children fashions of the 20's and 30's largely copied adult ones, to the extent that may times children looked like miniature adults. So, I thought, this could work the other way around too :). 
Then, discovering the same neckline in adult patterns from the 20's and early 30's, I realized that I was more than legitimate in my wishes, and nothing else stopped this one become a reality.

Here it is, pictured without the belt, I took this pic as in the ones where the vest is worn the texture is very hard to make out. 
The vest was knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed DK, a shade called Rage (?!), and the yarn itself is a mixture of wool, alpaca and viscose. 3 balls (150g) were enough for this. 
Mother reports an easy knit, she really enjoyed the yarn. Which is good, since I'm going to want the skirt next :)

Monday 13 August 2012

Under the apple tree

Last week I picked up this little number in a vintage shop - though it is as vintage as me if not even less so. Still, I liked the easiness of the cotton fabric, the beautiful print in colors just right for me. 
I hadn't set out to get a fake kimono, but I did, and I'm loving it. Hope it bears no offense to the wearers of the real thing, for whom this type of garment, I understand, bears actual meaning in a cultural context. 
For me it's just about prancing around in the garden in a pretty robe. I find robes to be the perfect lounge wear; since I am anything but glamorous and manifest a large preference for spending long days in pyjamas, wrapping myself in a lovely robe is my best aim to tidiness.