Tuesday 31 July 2012

Letting go


Hard as it is sometimes, one has to make the decision of letting go of some of the "precious" one owns. So I'm now parting with two of my treasures, the first of which is this amazing and so rare cotton dress available here for purchase.

The second item is this this beautiful 1920s style dress which you have seen recently on this blog. This is brand new and looking for a suitable home ...sigh...but needs must. Available here. Gosh I'm so bad I'm still hesitating about this one...

Another addition to my etsy shop is this unusual fabric bag, for sewing or knitting work, with a beautiful silver plated frame and generous proportions, available here.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Which dress to wear? -3-

We are now approaching the end of my journey in indecision. Option no 3 and last is a dress I bought a few years back from Monsoon for an event which then got cancelled. 
I've never had the opportunity to wear it, but hung on to it;  it's such a sweet, princess like thing, I just couldn't let go.

This is a slightly heavier post picture wise, as I played a bit with the dress, starting with one idea and arriving some place else :). 
I love clothing that inspires me when I put it on. 
So I changed hair, necklaces, added flowers, lost flowers, got wrapped up in scarves (no, you're not seeing everything) and fooled around plenty.

I'd be pairing this wonderful, wonderful bag with it, which may seem a surprise choice for such a modern dress, but I got on a rather early vintage streak towards the end of my game, where a dream of Poiret and the early teens was starting to filter through to me.

Here is cautious thinking - just is case the weather might suddenly turn sourer than the 30 degrees expected.

And what I would be more likely to wear as a cover up at the church ceremony (minus the scarf which is not working that great - I just looove that color contrast).
Hubby derogatorily called this a "dish cloth" !!!! The cheek!
It is a hundred year old piece of hand made lace fashioned into the shape of a cropped jacket/bolero which was most likely part of a night attire. Nothing more appropriate to wear in church :).
I thought that I'd get a length of thin ribbon to pass through and gather it at the base, which then could act as some sort of belting of a less obtrusive nature.


- I LOVE IT :)! - it is the only outfit of the 3 that I feel enthusiastic about at the moment.

- this colour makes me happy! (also throws colour theory a bit - not sure it's supposed to suit me as an Autumn, but I think it does);

- hair will be pretty easy to do, just unroll the bendy rolls in the morning, brush a bit through,  with the option of putting up these locks a bit messily, and go! -
I do actually incline towards the put up version, although the loose long hair has the advantage of filling me up a little bit more around the neck/shoulders. My friend says it looks 80's though and yes, she's got a problem with the arm flowers too...nope, I don't think they look cheesy...Less may be more in most cases, but it can also be an excuse to hide out, blend in, not try things.

- well I don't know it this is a pro or con, but for someone that is definitely not corset filling material, quite the opposite, I seem to pull this off and don't look as underweight as I do in the beaded flapper dress from the previous post.


- not my most natural choice style wise, that neckline will cause some self consciousness throughout the day, and the empire waist will prompt some people to ask themselves or me!!! when I'm due :)

- while this dress screams wedding, it also screams bridesmaid - would it be too much then, considering I am not a bridesmaid? still, if you're supposed to dress down at a wedding, where ever can you dress up?!...

- the most difficult option in terms of transport and care (really haven't got a clue how to care for it if it gets creased, and dry cleaners are not very easily accessible from that location, although not unattainable at a stretch)

- it is extremely long, so I'd have to choose between shortening it a little bit or wearing painful platforms (I do in the photos and you can't see my feet, which I guess is a good thing as they are not the very best shoes for the dress);  overall it is likely to be the least comfortable to wear option out of the three.