Friday 11 March 2011

Me, myself and I

The poses may be exaggerated, but in these fashions I feel myself. And if that must involve silly posing, I don't really care.
Who would, in a dress like this? 
The unstructured shape, the loose, fluid lines, the freedom of movement, the lightness of fabric, the enticing sheerness, I love everything about it!...  I could be a butterfly, just stretching out of its cocoon and ready to plunge into the beautiful, wild, crazy, wide open unknown.
Speaking of which, a cocoon coat wouldn't be amiss...Ecstatic revery and joke aside, I can't even begin to tell you how liberating it feels to wear a dress in which I don't have to pretend having breasts.
Also, after missing out on other beauties, it's great to come upon such a treasure. This dress wasn't even meant to fit me, it was described as being a lot larger, so imagine my surprise when it arrived and happened to fit perfectly. Also, apart from 2 tiny eraser holes, it's in top condition! And look at that beautiful embroidered detail on the sleeve!
The only thing is that black really doesn't do anything for me, but this style on the other hand allows me to wear various camisoles underneath so I can bring in color and vary it and match my accessories. Sorry about the shoes by the way, I forgot them on from trying the dress on with something else first. Not that they looked that great with that either...
Back to the dress, it was meant for my little Etsy shop, but I really doubt that I'll be able to part with it. I am so very very bad, but it's so very very pretty...


  1. Hm, maybe I can't see the obvious. My best friend tells me she really doesn't like this dress on me - she's not sure what is is, whether the shape doesn't suit me, or the fact that it looks odd to her with the turquoise cami underneath, she can't really point out what the issue is, but she really doesn't like it. Which I am quite surprised by since she normally really likes flapper fashion. Instead, she did like the dress previously featured (again a surprise)...

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE everything about this look on you. There's a sense of grace, elegance, ease, femininity that really works perfectly. To be honest, you can tell from your body language, as well as your accompanying post, that you feel truly comfortable and happy in this ensemble. You looked beautiful in the other dress, too, but it seemed like you were less at ease in it. I think the turquoise underneath adds a fun pop of colour that works brilliantly with the bag. All in all, I think the softer elements of the art nouveau accents really suit you!

  3. Thanks Baroness, I did think myself the look suited me in terms of body shape and it's something I lean towards more and more in my aesthetic preferences as well. While I love other fashions too, this is the one I feel I can do effortlessly. In the quest of establishing one's style, the whole picture is getting clearer by the day.It's an exciting time for me.
    But then you do get feedback like the one I received from my friend - which I do actually appreciate very much because it makes me challenge myself. However I also did find it very disconcerting and I ended up questioning whether I might have gotten things very very wrong and not even realized. It can happen. But I'll go with my instinct and my eye on this.
    And yes, it's great to be able to express through fashion the Art Nouveau elements that I love. I have a suspicion I might be forever caught in between worlds here, going from Nouveau to Deco and back, always on the fence, always trying to have my cake and eat it.

  4. YES!! Go with what feels (and clearly looks) right for/on you! I have friends and family who have no problems vocalizing their opinions about my outfits, but none of them are vintage lovers to the extent that I am, so many times, I think to myself, "thanks for your input, BUT I know this look is spot on/historically accurate and I LOVE how I feel in it, so boo on you). heheh.

  5. as for being sandwiched in between art nouveau and deco, I am often the same way. It's all about balance. You mentioned not wanting to have to dress in order to worry about creating a bust. I'm often very obsessed about not appearing too busty/curvy (I have a definitely pear shaped body with smaller bone structure in my arms and shoulders, but very definite bust and hips), so I find the streamlined silhouettes of deco fashion help me feel sleeker, more slenderized (all an illusion of course). The nouveau elements add a softness, a beautifully voluptuous femininity that can balance the stronger and sometimes more angular aesthetic of art deco design. Put them together and I think one can achieve a perfect look OR keep the aesthetics separate and, as you said, have your cake AND eat it!

  6. I love the dress as well. Not sure about the colour of the vest, maybe that is what she meant. It's a great cut and not many have the figure for it, so make the most of it.

  7. Baroness, YOU are indeed a woman after my own heart! Yes, I totally agree, the right blend of nouveau and deco elements makes the recipe for perfection. That also applies to interiors not only fashion - as far as my taste goes anyway.
    I've always found quite amazing the fact that these aesthetics are perceived so much in opposition to each other and there are some very strong camps harboring equally strong feelings for one but the other. I think they balance each other perfectly, and when the birth of deco is described as a "reaction" to nouveau I can get annoyed. The word is "natural balance", people. Without a little deco, nouveau becomes overly flourished, sinuous, organic to the point of scary, over the top erotic, crazy, and extremeley morbid at times. On its own deco can sometimes be cold, harsh, menacing, soul lacking, stern, too distilled, too abstract, too far from the pulse of nature and life. I couldn't be happy in any one extreme. Finding just the right balance balance may be a complicated thing, but for me it's the compulsory thing to do, and isn't this the most beautiful quest that may be!

  8. You look great. My only source of info. are your pics, as I haven't seen you in person, but the impression I get is that you have a slight frame, a delicate fraility. Thus, I also prefer when you wear something femenine, frill, soft, it enhances your natural beauty if I may say :)

  9. I definitely agree with the Baroness--wear what you love! I just like getting to see all your fun purchases.

  10. It will be a keeper for the time being. If anything could be better with this, that would be the color, like I said before black sadly does not love me. I have a 20's repro/inspired dress, in coral, which is one of my favorite colors, I will get some pics of that on and you ladies can tell me if it makes any difference. As for this one, sometimes I need to let things soak in for a little while.
    I like fashions of the 30's for their feminine cut and their cuteness, but they do get to a paroxysm of frills and excessive trimmings in the mid decade. I love the fun of OTT details, and things like a lot of ruffles at the bust area help in the case of a flat chest, but sometimes you may just don't feel like ruffles. It's essential for me to have the alternative of early 30s and their beautiful balance and simplicity of lines, and of the 20's freedom of silhouette and interesting, edgier, less conventional approach to beauty. We do dress according to our mood, and this is my "let me be" mood. As far as feeding the soul, not just dressing the body, this scores high.