Friday 18 March 2011

An afternoon stroll...

...and the brief story of a perfectly vintage outfit ruined by modern, non-styled hair. I love everything about this outfit, including the brogues I left home :). The gentle color and wonderful detail of the beautiful 30's jacket, the luxurious tweed fleck fabric of the modern Pringle trousers, the sweet linen dickie just right under a mohair cardigan, the perfectly matched deco bag...And then there's the hair...least said about it, best. 
Anyway, I got my sunglasses out to hide my shame behind, not the right vintage but hey, they were cheap and they'll do for now.  I have great difficulty in finding anything to suit my face shape and these work, if ever in a slight Cynthia Nixon meets Ozzy Osbourne manner. At least they free up the more expensive but very non vintage looking designer sunglasses I had before, which my best friend can now enjoy instead.
Going back to the bag, it's a recent etsy purchase on its first outing. Great shape and deco details, and a hand strap that you might just spot as it is lying on the grass. Not quite the nearly perfect condition advertised, but it goes so well with the rest I feel compelled to keep it, at least until it's perfect replacement comes along. Having said that, my bag collection its taking serious proportions. If you ever look into my etsy shop you'll see my bag obsession is very much reflected there. I might do a round up of the treasures in my personal collection for you to see, I love bags so very much and it's a passion one needs to share.


  1. such a stunning jacket!! I think a bag collection retrospective would be neat!!

  2. Tis indeed a stunning jacket- have the perfect hat to go with it too… hehehe!
    Tups x

  3. Really? Perhaps you'd care to send it over :), I know I'd love to have one, this jacket begs for the perfect hat...

  4. Such a nice jacket, and I love your sunglasses too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Thanks Carys, and welcome to my blog!

    Baroness, I don't know about a retrospective but I definitely need a new perspective over what I have and what I (don't) need. Some purging and trimming of the bag collection is a must, although very hard for me to do as I am always on the look out for the perfect bag to go with the perfect outfit. It's called simply, greed. :)