Friday 2 December 2011

Spot the resemblance?- a vintage cherry knit dress and leopard print accessories

Remember this dress? Well, I've always wanted to show you a better view of it, but this wasn't my lucky day of camera cooperation.  Anyway, you get to see a different outfit using the same base piece, in a  40's inspired approach.

Now I'm no feline, and don't normally do leopard print. An accent is all I manage. But my sweet shoes were so lonely that in the end I gave in. and decided to get the vintage fur collar (died rabbit) pictured above to match the leopard print on these wedges. It has seen better days, but haven't we all?!...

 For a spot of authenticity I added this 40's copper brooch. Isn't she a beauty? Believe or not, I have come across 2, one which which is up for grabs in my etsy store!


  1. Thank you, you are so kind! I like how the colours work together.
    It's my take I guess on the combo leopard print/red, a no-no for a lot of people, but which is not necessarily trashy (as I hope the above demonstrates :))

  2. I'm not much for leopard prints, but this I like!

  3. I just felt the need for something to balance the shoes.
    The fur collar is a bit battered - not too bad though - judging by the lining it's pretty old too - and now I guess it gets another run around the block...Such is life.