Thursday 24 November 2011

Magenta, anyone? - a 1930's inspired winter outfit

This is what I wore today; in spite of not involving a lot of actual vintage, I am rather pleased with this outfit. By the way, what looks like crazy hot pink is in fact magenta in real life, and nowhere near that bright. 
You can see a detail of the accessories in the second pic, together with a sneak preview of a seriously big cardigan - about 3 sizes more than I wear, which I picked up today because I couldn't not to.. ahem. 
And now I'm off to check out some more stuff on line, as my over excited shopping mood seems to coincide with  a number of promotions on etsy (see Rhianon's comment to my previous post, to mention just one). 
I must be good though!...So perhaps turn to buttons?!...

 Accessorize wool beret, silk scarf and leather belt;
Laura Ashley cardigan and coat; 
French Connection skirt; 
Van Dal shoes; 
1920s clutch bag.


  1. Love the shoes and magenta! Magenta is my dining room colors:

    and thanks for the mention! I want to shop too but I need some sales then I can justify spending it, every last penny! :)