Wednesday 16 November 2011

Olive is coral and I'm crazy about vintage sportswear

 My husband calls me Olive. You can see why.

Knitted polo t-shirt in coral & cream mohair

Ah! aspirations..."far cry" comes to mind. None of the panache, none of the grace of the original model reflects on me in the slightest. 
So what if my keds actually match my sport top? My joy of owning both comes across, surely, if only rather disjointed...:)


  1. I love it... Olive or not! I do Like a bit of fluff! I always get attracted to a pattern if there's a golf club involved- though I don't play the sport myself, just like the idea and the sporty look! Well done mummy... Tx

  2. Miss Tallulah, I concur there, coral is one of my favorites. It doesn't seem to go with an awful lot of things though...

    Tups, I am mad for 20's and 30's sportswear, I have to say. From all aspects of fashion, this is one that fascinates me most. Rather incomprehensible a fascination, since I don't play ANY sports!