Monday 29 July 2013

Water nymph or the knitted bathing suit of the 30's

From sexy back details, fancy stitched eye candy, striped and checkered frolics, cute two-tone combinations and fun colour blocking, to matching accessories and simply ridiculous beret & pompon additions - you name it , the 1930's knitted bathing suit will have it. 

They also have their detractors, and I have heard them categorized as deeply unflattering, lacking the necessary support for the womanly attributes, and of course the wool content is frowned upon nowadays for being itchy and to do with concerns of how it behaves in  water. 

Whilst these are all valid points, in my book there's simply no hotter swimwear and there's no itch as itchy as the urge of owning a bathing suit such as the beautiful examples in these patterns.

cca 1934 swimsuit, via cemetarian etsy

1934 swimsuit knitting pattern via Pamoolah etsy

1938 bathing suit via

 via K D Wildflowers pinterest

1930's swimsuit via Baby Dee Vintage Knitting & Crochet.



1930 knit swimsuit via cemetarian, etsy

via needlewoman.etsy

via atticmagpie etsy

via adeline'sattic.tumblr

Saturday 27 July 2013

Call of the stripe

via Marilyn Wojdak on pinterest


Marlene Dietrich on the beach via the 
- this woman had "cool" running through her veins

1929 bathing suits via Marilyn Wojdak pinterest

 1928 Deauville fashions via glamoursplash blog

Dorothy Sebastian, via Doctor Macro

via Cynyia Valente pinterest

don't know about you, but when it comes to bathing suits, 
ultimately all I want is a simple one like this

 A young Myrna Loy via imfeelingbeachy. tumblr - so, so lovely!

Anita Page via valentinovamp tumblr - how glamorous is this ??

1930's stripe swimsuit at the Metropolitan Museum New York


This blog entry is an ode to the stripe.
 No other pattern conveys summer and seaside better than the modest, ubiquitous stripe, then and now.
Here is to the stripe! Until we meet again.

via Marilyn Wojdak on pinterest

Friday 26 July 2013

At the seaside in vintage illustrations

illustration for La Vie Parisienne 1923 via maudelynn.tumblr


 Postcard by Corbella via anything goes tumblr

  Back From Palm Beach’ art by Walter Beach Humphrey, on the March 14th, 1925 cover of Liberty via whataboutbobbed tumblr

soyouthinkyou can see tumblr

via soyoucansee.tumblr 1927


 Hearst cover art by Penrhyn Stanlaws via thevintagetraveller.tumblr


A drawing of Gloria Swanson by Penrhyn Stanlaws for the cover of The New Movie Magazine, September 1930



cover art by Tempest Inman for The Saturday Evening Post

via silent screen queen flickr

via valentino vamp

1939 magazine cover