Monday 28 January 2013

Just things

Things are just things. Yet some have got the power to convey more happiness than others. Here is to the little things in your life that bring up a smile!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Catching up

Yup, finally got a camera. Not much of a clue what to do with it yet, but hey, can't have it all. I did manage some pictures though, with the hope to finally (!) show off some of the projects finished since September, when my previous camera so abruptly parted with me.


 Do you remember the buttons and belt from my last post? I have since painted the buttons as planned in order to "match" the buckle and here they are,  sewn on the skirt. 
I'm pleased with the result in spite of having had doubts due to the difference in scale in between the buttons and the buckle. 
Still, since the fold over part of the faux wrap skirt came out quite narrow, they fit there right. And in my opinion just make the difference in between a plain, boring skirt and a cute one :)

So here I am, ignoring basic fashion rules such as "dark colour at the bottom, light colour on top" and doing it the vintage way. Dedication doesn't make me less of a fashion victim though. I guess sins against the body type do count.

Luckily adding the jacket reestablishes the order.  Swing style, with close to the arm raglan sleeves, and fastening with a button underneath the mandarin collar. A style with many variations, very popular in the mid thirties and of which I'm rather fond. You've seen it here before, no further than the infamous September entry, and with some luck you shall see it again .

The jacket was not meant to be belted originally - the swing shape would normally make it too bulky at the back. It's not however too bad in this case as the fabric is thin, soft and drapes well. Another silk and wool mix with a nubby texture which together with the colour (an off cream/natural) makes this look rather convincingly old...

As always: thank you, mum, for so generously indulging me once again.


Monday 14 January 2013

Buttons and buckles

1920 -1930 glass buttons and buckles

Past time wise, nothing beats a little button spotting. If you don't agree with this statement you are obviously in the wrong place :). But seriously, I really am that boring. Here are my little treasures:

 more vintage cuties: glass on the left, the rest are plastic

painted wood and mother of pearl

plastic all the way

glass babies

some early glass buttons, a beautiful Edwardian paste buckle and a celluloid example

my beloved celluloid buttons, these are very special tome

 and my current project; these are not really a set but I will paint the buttons to be more in keeping with the buckle - they will go on a 1930's knitted ensemble