Thursday 1 August 2013

30's swimming in colour (with a little bit of late 20's thrown in for good measure)

1930's bathing suit at the Metropolitan Museum New York

via Velvet & Linen blog

1928 bathing suit via -
- on this website you will also find a great article on vintage swimwear

1929 bathing suit via - I love this one!!!

1932 wool swimsuit with adjustable ties via

1936 swimsuit made of a lastex/wool mix for a better fit via

Jantzen suit

1936 bathing suits at the Metropolitan Museum NY

red wool bathing suit by B. Altman & Co., 1932. via yeoldefashion tumblr

1933 bathing suit, via retroknittingcompany

via Sonne nach Wunsch flickr

And below, a pattern you can actually knit via A Stitch in Time vol 1.
This one comes with the perfect body too :)


  1. These are all so, so wonderfully fun and lovely! I adore them all, but think that the pale blue one with the darker blue and white bow knit into the design is my very favourite.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Goodness! They're all so pretty it kind of makes my day! xD

    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Oh I just adore the first one! So adorable.

  4. I'd like to clarify something. The blue suit that you have labeled as being by Schiaparelli, is not actually by her. On my site (where you got the photo) I clearly say that the suit was inspired by Schiaparelli.

    Now this photo is all over Pinterest, saying that it is by Schiaparelli. Could you please make this correction here so this misinformation will not be spread all around the net? Thanks, Lizzie

  5. Please accept my apologies.I have removed the reference to Schiaparelli. So annoyed I got that wrong!

  6. Thanks; I appreciate it so much.