Monday 25 October 2010

Last...or shall I say latest?!

Coming back as boasted, to sport yet another feathery beauty.
For how long yet I'm not sure, as this one too, together with the purple fedora of two posts ago, is for sale in my etsy shop, and the cute suede bag is there too.
But I might just change my mind about this hat...While I could clearly see how immensely beautiful it was from the beginning, I didn't approach the question of "does it suit me?" until these pics were taken.
And now it also dawns one me how well it goes with my jacket (a Laura Ashley number that needs to have its sleeves shortened).
Hm, I think I am a whole lot better at buying rather than selling, as I can't seem to bear parting with things. Is that what greed is? ...she shakes her head in shame.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Hat after hat after hat

So I like hats... Veils, feathers, velvets - these all tickle my fancy. If tilted, you're talking love. Like this 1940s one, not in the best nick, a couple of nibs in the velvet and soiled lining - yet it's a darling on. And it matches rather well my beloved peplum jacket, don't you think?
Do you remember the black jacket that I made a mood board in my "Equestrian vamp" post?
My chocolate one is very similar, and it is lined in the most gorgeous copper satin. I am hoping to have a couple of skirts made to go with it, and I've been thinking about olive green and russet. Yummy, I can hardly wait!
On a different note, if you're thinking you had enough of narcissistic mad hatter posts, think again! I have one more for you in the pipeline!


All those boards floating around the riding theme and no outfit? I had to address the issue, but you'll be happy to learn that no horse has been stressed while taking these photos :), although that's probably to do more with lack of possibilities rather than intent.

dark purple 1940s fedora hat, which I am selling in my etsy shop,
but I am starting to be confused as to why...?!
modern velvet vest and corduroy jodhpur style trousers, both Karen Millen;
Laura Ashley cardigan, Principles boots;
antique hand painted porcelain brooch.

So the hat has arrived

Remember the hat I included in my last mood board? Well as soon as it came I figured out my favorite autumn outfit. Only mine mind, as my husband is not really tickled and he thinks the hat doesn't suit me. Right...

1930s suede hat from ebay seller likesnowonabambooleaf;
1930s jacket, again ebay, but last year's acquisition and can't remember the seller;
scarf from Accessorize;
Pringle wool trousers;
all leather shoes by Alfred Sargent.

And it goes to...

The first newly discovered blogger to which I am passing on the lovely blog award recently received from Brooksie is New Vintage Lady. I told you it was going to be someone special and it is! Her blog is fantastic and full of the most amazing magazine scans that she is generously sharing, and that's just a part of it. Check it out and see what you think!

*The image used is a 1936 music sheet from DecoDorasFabFashions on Etsy.*

Friday 15 October 2010

My first blog award!

Big thank you to Brooksie from The world according to art deco girl blog for awarding me my first blog award! I humbly accept it and will pass it on to other wonderful bloggers that I discover along the way - but you'll have to bear with me as this is not a thing to do in haste (especially as of late I tend to fall out rather than in love with some blogs). The ones I pick will therefore be even more special! :)

Saturday 9 October 2010

Inner Diana

This is my favorite mood board of the 3 I've put together around the same theme. I've held it back a little - until that hat became mine :) - I'm sly like that. But now we can enjoy it together.

1930's suede hat, sold by likesnowonabambooleaf, Ebay;
1930's/a940s jodhpurs, sold by allyoucouldeverwantandmore, Ebay;
1930's/1940s riding boots, available from hippervintage, Ebay;
Vintage saddle bag available from sarahg5393, Ebay;
Elgin cigarette case available from SirPrys, Etsy;
Pheasant photograph from kootenay photos;
Blue pheasant feather, available from chewbag, Ebay;
1941 wood tray with setters, available from dahlilafound, Etsy.

Monday 4 October 2010

Equestrian Vamp

1901 deer illustration, vintagegoodness, Etsy;
Copper hunting horn, octobre, Etsy;
Victorian silver horn brooch, The Duck Emporium, Ebay;
Riding boots, queenawashonks, Ebay;
1847 copper plate engraving of dogs, bananastrudel, Etsy;
Victorian riding crop and horseshoe brooch, manx34, Ebay;
Black and white 1930s hat picture, "L'Officiel de la Mode";
Hunt scene, painting on glass, MountainCoveAntiques, Etsy;
- all of the above are currently available for purchase -

Watch, hat, jacket and compact from unknown source, on Ebay.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Out and about

Hare and fox prints after plates dating from 1811, available at librislunaria on Etsy;
1930s sterling silver horse hunt scene brooch from AntiquingOnLine on Etsy;
Deco style top hat brooch from BraytonCottage on Etsy;
1920s railroad pocket watch from Sundayandsunday on Etsy;
Schnauzer pin from PANSIEGEMS on Ebay;
20's-30's boots from Cats Meow Detroit on Ebay;
Vintage inspired breeches, source unknown.