Saturday 9 October 2010

Inner Diana

This is my favorite mood board of the 3 I've put together around the same theme. I've held it back a little - until that hat became mine :) - I'm sly like that. But now we can enjoy it together.

1930's suede hat, sold by likesnowonabambooleaf, Ebay;
1930's/a940s jodhpurs, sold by allyoucouldeverwantandmore, Ebay;
1930's/1940s riding boots, available from hippervintage, Ebay;
Vintage saddle bag available from sarahg5393, Ebay;
Elgin cigarette case available from SirPrys, Etsy;
Pheasant photograph from kootenay photos;
Blue pheasant feather, available from chewbag, Ebay;
1941 wood tray with setters, available from dahlilafound, Etsy.


  1. I love this! This is exactly what I want to look like for Autumn, I got an amazing pair of 1940's jodphurs from work and can't wait to wear them.

  2. LOVE this. I walk through the woods every day with my hound and imagine myself wearing something like this (I've got a pair of 30s jodhpurs sitting here while I decide whether to sell or keep....hmmm, maybe I'll do an outfit post around this idea for the shop listing. Thanks for the inspiration!)

  3. Oh, this is wonderful. Love the jodhpurs & boots. Thank you for adding my serving tray with the Irish Setters. It belongs here.

    thank you, dahlila xxoo

  4. than you ladies! those jodhpurs went to somebody else - there will be a next time for me :) - but i got the hat, so stay put for images!