Sunday 3 October 2010

Out and about

Hare and fox prints after plates dating from 1811, available at librislunaria on Etsy;
1930s sterling silver horse hunt scene brooch from AntiquingOnLine on Etsy;
Deco style top hat brooch from BraytonCottage on Etsy;
1920s railroad pocket watch from Sundayandsunday on Etsy;
Schnauzer pin from PANSIEGEMS on Ebay;
20's-30's boots from Cats Meow Detroit on Ebay;
Vintage inspired breeches, source unknown.


  1. thanks so much for including our watch on your blog page!

  2. Love this...feel like I want to go out and cuddle fuzzy critters (my kind of hunting) in a blazer and silk scarf tied in a puffy bow...

  3. first of all, WAIT until you see the photo shoot my husband and I did sort of fits the theme here perfectly, you mind reader you! Second of all, I am SO sorry to read that some of your comments seem to have gotten eaten by the blog monster. Just saw your comments on my latest post and went back and noticed that indeed the others aren't there ;(

  4. thanks ladies!
    if you like what you see, stay tuned, i am preparing a couple of other boards and things for you! this is this week's theme - and not only, as it happens to me every year around this time :)
    and just to make it clear for this board and those to come - i do not condone hunting in any way, but i've been always fascinated with hunting/riding gear. can't help it, even though i can't even mount a horse ;)

  5. great selection of Fox inspired treasures, so classic and so well put together! Thank you so much for including my top hat pin and the link.
    love it...


  6. Love the Dietrich photos and other great hunting items. Thanks for including my sterling fox hunt scene brooch!

  7. Thank you all for reading my blog. Please remember, if using any of the images here, to link and credit as appropriate. Thank you.