Monday 25 October 2010

Last...or shall I say latest?!

Coming back as boasted, to sport yet another feathery beauty.
For how long yet I'm not sure, as this one too, together with the purple fedora of two posts ago, is for sale in my etsy shop, and the cute suede bag is there too.
But I might just change my mind about this hat...While I could clearly see how immensely beautiful it was from the beginning, I didn't approach the question of "does it suit me?" until these pics were taken.
And now it also dawns one me how well it goes with my jacket (a Laura Ashley number that needs to have its sleeves shortened).
Hm, I think I am a whole lot better at buying rather than selling, as I can't seem to bear parting with things. Is that what greed is? ...she shakes her head in shame.


  1. I think I like this hat best of all. How can you possibly give it up? - It suits you perfectly! We give you permission to snatch it back from your Etsy shop if you'd like. :-)

  2. What a fabulous hat!! It does match that jacket perfectly.
    I tried having an Etsy store last year, but I ended up falling in love with the 50s and 60s dresses I was going to sell; absolute failure!

  3. I agree with Sarsaparilla. This sort of 40s hat really suits you...and look how perfectly it matches!

  4. you're not making it any easier for me, do you know that? :)

  5. I just found your blog and it is lovely - I would love to know how you did your hair in these pictures...maybe you would be willing to do a post? Thanks!