Wednesday 1 April 2015

Lamping - The Modernist Adventure

Circa 1920s anodized copper lamps, SOLD

Carrying on from the previous post, some of the most treasured lamping adventures are those that end up with this kind of finds. Sometimes one is blessed with a double take! 

The hard part is parting with the things that you cherish and have put a lot of hours in researching, cleaning, refurbishing etc. To speak only of a detail, trying to source the right lampshades for the lamps above took me a few fruitless months, at the end of which I concluded that the only workable solution was to go for these large, vintage style decorative filament bulbs, which look splendid and eliminate the need for shades altogether. When all of the work was finally done, the worst part of the process began, saying goodby.

These were sold recently and I hope the new owner loves them as much as I have. They will surely need to put some elbow grease in keeping that copper bright!

Early flexible goose neck lamp with Art Nouveau details, kept this one

So sleek! Modernist circa 1930s Bauhaus lamp, copper and chrome plated, SOLD

1930s American Eagle goose neck lamp. Lovely speckled finish! Coming up in my store!



  1. The speckled goose neck is sensational!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks Jessica, glad you like it :). It is live in my shop now, together with 12 other beauties!