Monday 6 April 2015

Lamping - The painted shades

The Beehive Lamp 
A converted Art Deco biscuit barrel with a custom painted lamp shade, available here

It is a wonderful feeling to bring something old back to life, and alongside refurbishing, the re-purposing of the bases and painting of the lamp shades certainly appeals to my creative side, although it is process fraught with anxiety and doubt. At the end of the day, the mere fact that I, insignificant, regular me, can produce anything with my hands, is a fact of wonder. I have come to the conclusion that, whether we are talented or not, the creative impulse is an inherent part of our human condition, and there is nothing more satisfying than giving it course. 
Let's see what you think of the result.

The Bolt
An Edwardian Pullman lamp with a hand painted abstract lamp shade, available here

Tribe of Me 
A hand painted lamp shade in an abstract, geometric pattern, available here

Flower Tile
A pair of hand painted lamp shades in a stylized pattern, available here

The Shells
A pair of WWI Trench Art vases with custom painted textured lamp shades, available here

An early 20th century lamp with a naturalistic, fungus inspired lamp shade design, available here

The Secret Garden
An antique Pullman lamp with a hand painted Chinoiserie design, available here

The Shire Lamp
An Arts and Crafts lamp with a Barum Pottery base and hand painted shade, available here

The Indian Summer Lamp
A Kashmir lacquered barley twist base with a custom painted lamp shade, available here

I have now a lighting section in my etsy store where you can find all these lamps with more details and photos.Should you by any chance wish to purchase any of them, don't be alarmed by the shipping restriction to UK only, convo me on etsy and I will work out a cost for posting abroad. But for now, I'd love to learn your thoughts!

Note: I retain the exclusive intellectual property for my creations, inclusive of  painted or refurbished designs and the photographs showing them. Please contact me for permission before you use my photos and make sure you credit me and my store in the process. Thank you .


  1. These are so fantastic! I can look at each and see the decor of a room spring to life around it in my mind's eye.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica, I am totally the same! What's your favorite?