Monday 4 July 2011

Great-mother's blouse and a sporty outfit


 Linen blouse, homespun, woven, sewn and embroidered by my great-mother in 1910's (the purpose of this post was to show this off);

miniature ceramic jugs from a shop in Budapest, worn as pendants;

not worn here, but pictured with the jugs there is a woven belt, part of the Romanian traditional folk costume and which I intend to pair with these trousers in a future ensemble;

LK Bennett linen trousers, just acquired on ebay where they were advertised as a 30's "Follow the Fleet" style - I don't know about that but I was disappointed with both the cut and the fit; after having taken them in a little bit at the waist and the back (and employing my poor hand sewing skills in the process) they do seem to work; for the future though I simply have to have something wider...

Primark navy tennis shoes, I have them in 3 colors and will go back for a forth, they are that comfortable. 

Finally, you wouldn't tell, but I made an effort with the hair - it did in fact look lovely, shame I can't prove it.


  1. beautiful the embroidered blouse, and is also a nice memory


  2. Your hair looks lovely, and those trousers are sweet.

  3. outstanding nice that you are wearing and using it. GG would be proud.

  4. that blouse is an amazing piece to have! It looks beautiful. I think the trousers work really well considering they're modern! The high waist looks great. From what I can see of your hair, it looks gorgeous.

  5. what a special blouse! I think the trousers are cute! They also have a 30s vibe to them with the high waist...though earlier styles (like beach j bottoms and what not) were often cuffless and fastened at side waist rather than having a zip fly front? Is that what you're hesitating about when you mention "style" and "cut"?'s a cute look! You're lucky to have the long slender physique to pull this off!

  6. Thank you all. The trousers, while having a wide leg - at least the modern interpretation of it - are straight cut rather than having the width and sheer amount of fabric of the 30's beach pyjamas. In fact, they have more of a 40's shape to them if anything, and with that thought I decided to make the wide cuffs myself to balance out the width at the hips. I know it's not apparent in these pics but they make me look rather wide in the hip region. As for the front zip, I HATE IT! It's one of those things that cause me a perennial state of irritation :) Anyway, my wardrobe is rather low in trousers, and I think they'll do. n the meantime I've arranged to have some repro stuff done so I am hoping for more success there.

  7. That's so lovely! It suits you beautifully!

  8. Oh my, what a delightful blouse! Beautiful work by your Great-mother. And how funny that we've both been posting peasant blouse outfits :)

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  9. Thanks, Charlotte. As for the peasant blouses/outfits, a lot of people people share an interest with them, in my case even more so as they are part of my cultural heritage. I have another blouse to show in a future post, and this is part of a folk costume that I've posted about last year:

  10. The blouse is oh-so divine! I am envious of your amazing high waist trousers too!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. There is a pair of the same trousers on ebay right now, going for very little.