Tuesday 28 December 2010

Off the vintage path

I've been naughty, yes. I've strayed. I meant to sell this dress in order to buy vintage stuff - it's the way I choose to "update" my wardrobe since I lack the spare money. I have to sell something I have - usually modern clothing - in order to buy something else -usually vintage. But I think I've change my mind, and this one might stay with me a little longer.
All lurex, clingy and with a slit down one leg, it's enough to make any lady-like-wannabe wrinkle her nose in dismay. Yet there's something about it which still appeals to me, as it did those years ago when I bought it and worn it to my high school graduation party. Highly inappropriate, I think now ( I must have become a lot shyer since), which probably accounts for its success at the time.
It was for a long time the only dress I owed, and something I knew I could rely on if needed for the occasional wedding or glam New Year's Eve party.
And it's been with the New Year now approaching that I forked it out from the suitcase under the bed, to see if it still works its sparkle...


  1. this looks like the perfect new year's look! so sparkly and sultry!

  2. I agree - perfect for a new year's eve party! And it's not any more clingy/revealing than a 30's evening gown...

  3. Very nice...even though the dress is modern you still have a very old time Holly Wood glamour vibe. I think to many people worry about ohhh am I "vintage" enough? I think people should just have fun with fashion while staying well dressed.

  4. Brooksie,that's very well said. It is only clothing/fashion at the end of the day, and if one loses the sense of fun, then indeed what's the point of it all. Not a notion to be too righteous about, fashion - vintage or not- should be enjoyed for its endless possibilities and the way it makes us look and feel, rather than transformed into a set of rigid rules. Too many people, including myself sometimes, forget sometimes to have fun.

    Thanks all and Happy New Year!

  5. Wow - lurex can look so cheap - and you make it alluring and just beautiful!! :"o Love it!! So: go on - be naughty!! ;")