Wednesday 5 January 2011

Dancing lady

I watched "Dancing lady" the other night and I have to say it has everything I expect a 30s film to have. Not much of a plot, but to be honest I'm not that bothered since that isn't really my top request.
Instead it was funny, sparkly and light like champagne, flashy, grand, with gracious dancing numbers, with gorgeous feminine and masculine presence, and my goodness me, with the most impressive array of costumes which will seriously challenge me to find the same degree of satisfaction ever again.

There were the proverbial deco, slinky, luscious, clingy, liquid satin dresses that any respectable film of its kind should have (and you can't really see here, but they adorned both blonds and brunettes :)).

There was perfect men's tailoring:

There was breathtaking outerwear:

There were beautiful day dresses with plenty of interesting details:

There were the frilliest things you've ever seen:

There was, of course, plaid, and so many different neckline treatments to suffice for a lifetime.

There were hats:

There were a number of play suits, each one enough to make one drop dead with envy.

Speaking about dance, there was Fred Astaire, and feathers for Crawford.

There was even a (truly) ridiculous Austrian inspired number with dirndls and a blond plated wig for Joan.

In between the shows there was sportswear, both for her and for him.

And there was this chap's jacket, which nearly managed to outshine everything else.

Oh, I nearly forgot: there was an edible Clark Gable, so handsome it hurt. It did.

And there were other things too, in case you might still want to watch this film at some point:)...Now, really, I hope I didn't spoil it for you.


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