Sunday 19 December 2010

What I wore...

All I wanted was a good pic of this nice old dress, but no such luck! Trying to make up for it with the quantity, but it doesn't quite work. Instead, I give you...a mighty midnight blue.

This is what I wore at the Christmas meal with the people from my new job. A last minute change, as I had in mind something else, but when I heard the dress code was smart casual I thought I'd better make an effort to blend in. It was a good try, if nothing else.
Why ever does the word "casual" come up in association with an evening do?...It beats me.
But I should make it a resolution for the year to come not to notice anymore details of the kind. Although, the question comes to mind: what would I be without the little things that bug me?!...
Still, most of the time I manage to be pretty oblivious to what's going on around me. I guess I can only wish for more consistency in 2011.


  1. Pretty!!! Nothing like the lushness of velvet this time of year. The sort of butterscotch color of your shoes and brooch are a pretty pairing, too! I always find things like "smart casual" a bit perplexing as well. Guess they just don't want people showing up in tuxedos and ball gowns (though I say, why NOT?)

  2. that's a shame - about the ball gowns - that's exactly what i would like to do!:)

    and yes, it's not bad a contrast between the dark blue and the amber / butterscotch shade isn't it? i love both these colors although sadly they are not really becoming me - at least they compliment each other :)