Thursday 4 August 2011

Dotty, spotty and nautical - a modern flirt with 1930's casual chic

My best friend came to stay for a few days and we were out and about each day enjoying the good weather she always brings with her. Here we are in Ross-on-Wye, for a spot of riverside walking. Any excuse really, just to wear the perennial nautical inspired attire that has become a summer staple, generation after generation. Regardless of specific fashions, there seems to be a never diminishing fascination for blue and white, dots and stripes, faded cotton, kind-to-skin-linen, raffia and straw. Here is my version of it, nearly entirely modern, but hoping to mimic the style of the early 30's dames who mastered this "cool and casual" look to perfection.

soft straw hat, thrifted by someone in my family, ended up with me;
Gap Breton top, love the boat neckline, a detail that needs more prominence in my wardrobe;
boxy linen jacket from Monsoon, I've had this a few years, an impulse purchase that is still going strong;
spotty Accessorize silk scarf, worn as a belt;
the LK Bennett linen trousers you've seen a couple of posts ago, only a few weeks old but worn a lot already;
navy tennis shoes, one of 4 pairs which I am rotating this summer (I am one of those crazy people who, when they like like something, they buy it in all the colors available...)
50's/60's raffia bag, the only vintage contribution to this outfit.


  1. you look great! And it looks like a really nice day out! Makes me wish my best friend could come and visit me too! :)

  2. Oh, we only see each other once a year, twice if we are lucky, so rather less than enviable a situation. I guess that's what leaving in different countries does to you.

  3. that outfit is perfection! i stripes with polka dots. and the adorable hat and bag are the cherries on top... so CUTE!

  4. The linen trousers! I love them!

  5. I do too, I keep wearing since I bought them not long ago, in fact I wore this whole outfit quite a few times now (I tend to get repetitive like that :))