Monday 22 August 2011

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday we went for a walk around a  pretty village nearby - will need to take some better pictures of the actual place sometime and share them with you, it really is charming. 
I mixed vintage and modern for a 30's inspired look, you see yet more of my wide leg linen trousers, with a modern silk blouse that was love at first sight and vintage crochet cardigan and bag. 
The cardigan just about fits but I wish it was a tad bigger (those incredibly small openings for arms - how tiny can these things get?!). Such a lovely thing though, with the cutest clear glass buttons and barely there collar (which of course doesn't sit right in the pics...).

It was one of those late summer days when you feel already a chill in the air, the unmistakable clue of what's to come and, like a ripple of anguish on the calm surface of a pond, the nostalgia of something that has been, but is no more.


  1. I always love red on you! Great look!

  2. You look pretty!
    I love high waist trousers! I wish to have one too. But I haven't any tip where to buy it in shops now. Only possibility which I see is to have them sewn.
    I like your shoes... thes are so cute. They look like (or just reminds me of it) you are just going to beach in 1930s, that you wanna spend a nice sunny day playing tennis, drinking cocktails and chatting and eating sandwiches with your 1930s elegant friends:))
    Well, I am dreaming again...:)

    Your outfit is lovely.

  3. Cute outfit! I'd kill for a chill in the air--we're having 100-degree temperatures today. :-(

    Please please take photos of the cute village; I'd love to see it.

    The Past on a Plate

  4. Hey, Garofit!

    I just gave your blog an award because I think it really deserves it.

    Find out more about it here:

    Oh - and I just adore your outfit!I love that cardigan - and high waisted slacks are the best..

  5. Thank you all, you are as always very kind.

    Blanka, I know what you mean about finding it difficult to get your hands on suitable trousers, it happens to me too, it's a game of patience I guess - I've found mine in outlets that sell fashion from a few seasons ago...

    Thank you Irene, I am very flattered to be given an award!