Tuesday 8 February 2011

Knit fashions - Part II

It was a sunny, beautiful day here today, and warm enough not to have to wear a coat on top of my dress.
I'll blame the silly posing on the euphoria caused by the nice, spring-like weather, after many a windy, gray and dreary day. 
So brace yourself for another picture heavy post (let's be honest, all of mine are) under the pretext of showing you further into my knitted wardrobe.

(Here I am actually clawing the bark as I'm sliding off this tree trunk)

Another of my mother's long distance creations, this dress was actually conceived by her with very little input from my part. It dates about 4 years back and the design wasn't based on anything in particular, I was simply inspired by corals, pinks and purples and wanted the color scheme to be like a sudden spring burst, something to make me smile. 
I also wanted a figure hugging, but not skin tight dress, with a simple line and finishing at knee length. 
Based on the above specifications, my mother knitted this.

I remember it was March when I received the dress in the post, and wore it straight away the very same day. It's been well loved ever since, and I tend to accessorize it with black since mother decided to finish the edges in black and also introduced the black midriff section.
The neck scarf is improvised by me and fixed in place with a little glass flower clip; the actual necklace of the dress is a simple v neck finished in black edging.
Somebody was saying the other day that the dress looks very 60's. Don't know about that, it was not made with any specific fashions in mind, but I can be blind when it comes to very personal items in my wardrobe, like this one. And while I am not very keen on the 60's, perhaps my mother was influenced by fashions from her youth. Is there anything MOD-ish about this at all? Or perhaps a slight hint of  Faye Dunaway in "Bonnie and Clyde", a film which looks more 60's than intended?...


  1. Bring on the silly posing! :-) Not that you look ridiculous, so don't worry! Your dress is great and I like the scarf you put with it. I'm so envious of that green grass and the sunshine. We got more snow overnight last night and there was still ice on the ground from two snow storms ago. Boo!

    This post is making me want warm weather again.

  2. oh, I want to soak up the sun in those images!! We've got dreadful weather here...well, blue skies but loads of ice and snow! I TOTALLY agree that this outfit is SOOO Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde. Very lovely!

  3. Don't be too envious of the weather, ladies! This is Britain, and today we are back to the grayness and dullness.

    It's funny Baroness, I only did make the Faye connection as I was writing this blog! Oh, well...

  4. Hi, I just dropped by to say I really enjoy your blog and I would like to give you a 'Stylish Blogger Award'.


    Miss Dee

  5. Miss Dee, that is very kind, and much appreciated. Thank you!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I love the black edging and midriff. Your mother is wonderful!