Tuesday 1 February 2011

By the river

One day, I promise you, I will take some beautiful photos here. There is a part of the river where the scenery is almost seaside-ish and reminds me of a scene in Poirot. Alas, that day hasn't come yet. In spite of beautiful light, the pics from that section were all terrible. I'm vain enough not to show you those, but believe me when I say I have more than enough material to put together a huge portfolio of ugly, weird, demented, or many a retarded faces - perhaps it could strike some luck in Hollywood, given how impressive my range is.
Either way, Poirot will have to wait. Perhaps I should concentrate on acquiring the proper envelope clutch in the meantime...


  1. oh, so pretty in pink! Love the cloche, too! The setting reminds me of the "marshes" described in Dickens' Great Expectations...sort of mysterious yet picturesque as well!

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  3. Thanks Baroness! It's quite funny how my modern pink coat, otherwise very pretty and of good quality, irritates me to no end as it doesn't sit well with my vintage "enterprises". Unless I would go for a 60's look, where it would fit better - but I have a strong dislike for most 60's fashions.
    The cloche is a fake, of course - can't afford a real one I'm afraid - this is a modern Seeberger that for now has the honor of covering my ears in the winter :)
    Funny what you said about Dickens's marshes, I thought of him too while there, Great Expectations is one of the books of perfect writing on this earth.