Tuesday 15 February 2011

Knit fashions - Part III

I know most of you dream sweet dreams of summer fashions by now. But it's a wet, nasty day here that didn't allow me to take the beautiful pictures this dress deserves and certainly prevented me from any summer-indulging thoughts. Anyway, I have a rule about that: never before the 1st of March! Otherwise all the yearning is just too difficult to cope with.
Having said that, the pictures I'm using are from another dreary day, a May one nonetheless, 2 years ago in Oxford (a place of unfriendly swans, among other things). It just goes to show how summer in Britain begs to differ. 
This year I am hoping to wear something other than a heavy knitted dress and winter boots when summer comes. Up until then I am pretty decided to bore you with my knitted stuff the and the like.

The first project done at my requirements by my mother - rather then what she wanted to do - dates a little more than 15 years back. It was born from sheer envy, as I had a friend of better means who had bought herself a knitted dress from a so called boutique, which we thought to be wonderful. Needless to say us teenagers were in a rather power flower mood those days- one of those revival things that happen every so often.

But revival or not, I couldn't afford the dress, so shamelessly I've asked, and asked, and asked my mother to copy the shape and knit me something "just like that" and in the end she cracked and said she'd make it, and prettier. And pretty it came out!...Out of reworked lengths of wool unraveled from older knits, a thing of beauty was born.

So let me introduce to you the most beautiful 90's meets hippie dress that ever was! 
All these years later, I am still wearing it, with a pleasure and joy never curbed, for it is one of the first things in my wardrobe to be "me". And a proof that a luxury could be found in an existence otherwise marked by the lack of financial means - the luxury, and priceless experience, of having things made for myself by my mother.
My friend's dress shattered after a season and a few washes. Mine still looks brand spanking new. I love it dearly.


  1. Hello! I've been following your blog for some time, and I wanted to let you know that I have given you a blog award. I do love your blog!


  2. Thank you, that is very sweet, and it's been great to discover your blog too!

  3. I remember having a red sweater dress like this back in 1992-93. Not nearly as special or well-made as yours!

  4. Yes, it was that sort of period, 1994 in my case I think, when the dress was made. I guess that shape must have been in fashion.