Friday 5 August 2011

...And dottier (a story of 1930's resort wear taken too far from the beach)

I guess I'm not fooling anyone with my resort look - muddy waters and happily growing weeds make for anything but Riviera. Although beautiful in its own right, the Gloucester Docks background did little for my outfit.
 In fact it looks as if I'm just about to peel off the wallpaper and take my cheesy 'jamas to bin burn 'em away in shameful solitude. Perhaps I should have done so, as soon as I heard the cringing comparison to Lady Gaga. Not even the horror of that is responsible for my butter wouldn't melt expression (simply read "bitch") and frozen, painfully rigid body posture.
You wouldn't be to blame if you didn't realize it was a glorious summer day and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing what looks like a circus outfit. 


  1. Its such an adorable Circus Outfit haha But really it is cute! :)

  2. I wouldn’t worry about what the Gloucester folks thought of your outfit as I think you look wonderful… did you check out the vintage shop? T x

  3. Thanks girls! I did love it, and obviously thought it looked ok before I left home, yet the photos came out so artificial, so forced...
    What I need - other than to be more natural in front of the camera - is a simple off white tank top to wear with these 30's wide leg trousers (clown trousers, my hubby says).
    If you thought a basic thing like that wouldn't be too hard too find, you would be wrong. I'm still after one.

    Yes Tickety, I do sometimes check out that shop - it is good, though most things are out of my price range. Last year I set my eyes on a gorgeous red hat with a long pheasant feather and by the time I put the money together it was gone...I'm still heart broken, and whenever I go to the shop the bitter taste is coming back. Ha, ha, I need to make a purchase for it to go away I think!