Monday 4 October 2010

Equestrian Vamp

1901 deer illustration, vintagegoodness, Etsy;
Copper hunting horn, octobre, Etsy;
Victorian silver horn brooch, The Duck Emporium, Ebay;
Riding boots, queenawashonks, Ebay;
1847 copper plate engraving of dogs, bananastrudel, Etsy;
Victorian riding crop and horseshoe brooch, manx34, Ebay;
Black and white 1930s hat picture, "L'Officiel de la Mode";
Hunt scene, painting on glass, MountainCoveAntiques, Etsy;
- all of the above are currently available for purchase -

Watch, hat, jacket and compact from unknown source, on Ebay.


  1. I love the equestrian look. The gathered back peplum detail on that jacket is gorgeous and I love the hat too.
    Okay and the brooch...Haha

  2. I love every image on this collage, especially that jacket! It's so structured. Oh, and I want to start referring to myself as an "equestrian vamp" now...

  3. thanks ladies! i love the dual victorian/30s inspiration for this board,and for me the riding dandy look has always been a source of fascination, i just can't get enough of it.
    i own a very similar jacket in chocolate velvet, and i can feel an outfit post coming...and one thing i absolutely NEED this winter is a pair of brown riding style boots!

  4. Thank you all for reading my blog. Please remember, if using any of the images here, to link and credit as appropriate. Thank you.