Sunday 24 October 2010


All those boards floating around the riding theme and no outfit? I had to address the issue, but you'll be happy to learn that no horse has been stressed while taking these photos :), although that's probably to do more with lack of possibilities rather than intent.

dark purple 1940s fedora hat, which I am selling in my etsy shop,
but I am starting to be confused as to why...?!
modern velvet vest and corduroy jodhpur style trousers, both Karen Millen;
Laura Ashley cardigan, Principles boots;
antique hand painted porcelain brooch.


  1. Amazing! A dark purple fedora! It's phantasmagorial!

  2. It's a a gorgeous hat indeed, you know how they say "the photos don't make it justice", but it's all very true in this case. I can't even begin tho say how beautiful it is.