Wednesday 29 September 2010

Saddle up

very detailed saddle pin from thejewelseeker on Etsy

Conveying a Wild, Wild West, cowboy rodeos or fancy races, this Depression and wartime horse jewelery has an irresistible, if somewhat primitive charm. Today I am bringing to you the best of what Etsy and Ebay have to offer on the matter. All of these pieces are available for purchase as we speak.

As far as the blog goes, stay tuned for one of my ever favorite looks for the fall season. Have you guessed already? Why yes it is the equestrian look!

1930s wood horse head & jockey cap from ATouchOfRoseJewels on Etsy

butterscotch Bakelite from casadelunatic on Etsy

gorgeous detail on this pin from My-MOD-MOD-World on Ebay

another charming wood pin, from PastSplendors on Etsy

Bakelite charms from bellabellabutton on Etsy

a large size 30s example from metroretrovintage on Etsy

another great piece from vintagewaresplus on Ebay

white painted metal pin from KimmysKitch on Etsy

Art Deco wooden example from shadypast on Etsy

sterling silver piece from kariana84 on Etsy


  1. these are neat! I think some of them are thoroughbreds...maybe an allusion to race horsing and more specifically SEABISCUIT?

  2. Seabiscuit was another film I've seen thanks to you! So I thank you again :)

  3. Love this article and just in time for the new movie on "Secretariat", the famous race horse. Thank you so much for including our pin.

  4. Love the saddle! Some wonderful pieces here.