Sunday 26 September 2010

Giving in

It's autumn. I have finally given in and accepted the obvious. Autumn has been poking me from all corners for a little while now, but I resisted and turned a blind eye. And stubbornly blocked out all unwanted information, starting with shop windows and ending with other blogs.
Or at least I thought I was doing that, because it crept up on me, insidiously working its way in unseen crevices and slowly wrapping itself around me like ivy around a house.
I've been invaded and am now conquered, looking forward to a new slavery, excited at the thought of crisp, sunny days, hearty food and pub fires, the spicy smell of wood smoke lingering in the air, the cosines of wool and leather...anticipating all that like you do with a kiss, guessing it like you feel the nearness of a hug...

1930s repro jumper from miss-jennifers-vintage-emporium on Ebay, many thanks!;
modern skirt by Great Plains;
50'/60's military port map, it belonged to my late father-in-law;
brown suede shoes from a vintage fair, I have retrieved these beauties after leaving them behind at another fair, longer than a year ago!


  1. Delicious outfit!!! Clearly, those amazing shoes were destined to be yours!

  2. that's what i think too, about the shoes :)

  3. Ditto on the jumper- nice surprising combo with the grey skirt. Fits the period, but totally modern at the same time!

  4. Hehe - I'm giving in too! Trousers, jackets, stockings and closed shoes a go-go! You look simply smashing :)

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  6. thanks everybody!

    welcome to my blog Fleur!

    thatdamngreendress, the skirt is a warm grey - if that exists - with tiny flecks of colour (yellow, red, green, blue) in it when you look closely, maybe that's why it works with the jumper.

  7. What a wonderful outfit, that jumper is gorgeous. I've been trying to find nice jumpers ready for the winter, I've not had too much luck!