Saturday 11 September 2010

Give me olive!

Prance and Swagger offer on Etsy this wonderful dress, and I thank God it's not my size, otherwise I'd be in for a lot of suffering.
But I do love olive green with its variations: moss green, fern green, pea them how you may, these shades are gorgeous, flattering for my skin tone (hurray!) and of course, fantastic for autumn.
Bellow are a few other darling examples of vintage clothing and accessories (these days I do tend to think of buttons in those terms :)) sporting these wonderful shades.

These two were Ebay finds which, like most of my Ebay finds, ended up in someone else's closet.
The detail in tha 30's blouse/jacket is what dreams are made of!

As for the second one, it is a 1940s ensemble with military detail, I absolutely loved it, but it was just a bit too small!
I seem to get a lot of frustration from things that are too small, I think it is because I have a small frame myself and as far as too big clothing is concerned, I accepted long ago that there is lots of it and it will never fit (see first dress above) - but I am still to reach the same level of resignation when too small is concerned. Especially if it's too small by an inch or two! Only thinking of all those 30s dresses out there with a 22-23 inch waist makes me clench my fists :)!

From FunkenJunk on Etsy, this bakelite sweater clip is positively edible!

From victorianbuttons, this lovely set is now sold and will be hopefully used to adorn a beautiful creation.

Stunning hats, first one I believe from marymuldoon, she has one of the best selections of vintage hats on Ebay, I always covet one or other of them; the second one from a seller called "woodland" but unfortunately I can't quite place the store.

And finally on my drooling list these gorgeous shoes, not really olive but still dream worthy, the first ones of origins now forgotten (shameon me!), but the second one available as we speak from maraje98 on Ebay.

I am praying to the Olive god that some day it will throw some wonderful oliveness my way, some day soon preferably, as I am after a skirt to pair with 2 brown jackets for some delicious autumn-winter ensembles. In its intense shades it is also great to combine with the ubiquitous black of the winter for a splash of colour in a sea of darkness...I so need color in the winter!
And I have more plans involving olive, and a very hard and tiring quest for knitting silk in this color at a reasonable cost - yes I know I want impossible things - but more about that in another post. I can see I've started to develop a little fixation.


  1. oh gad, you HAD to show me that first dress, didn't you? In my size, too. Luckily had some Etsy sales. Those green shoes are delicious, too...!!!

  2. Oh dear! A girl after my own heart...both of those pairs of shoes look mighty tasty!

  3. good for you, baroness!

    thatdamngreendress, the shoes are indeed drool worthy... i am as yet to grow my collection of vintage shoes that has just started with a pair of shoes that have waited for over a year to make their way into it, after first seeing them last june (!!) at a fair and hesitating to get them. well i didn't hesitate, i just didn't have the money after spending 85 pounds on a hat!!! but i guess it was meant to be, as i came across them again this month at another fair and it had to happen! it was a shaky hands moment, i can tell you that!, watch out for a shoe post any time soon...