Thursday 23 September 2010

The small things that make us happy

from TheOrdinaryBeauty, darling little mother of pearl buttons on a gorgeous card

from BAYTREEGIFTS, Sheffield scissors with a long and elegant shape

from the same, a beautiful oriental bottle with a hand painted
heron design and enameled body

moving to a completely different part of the world, yet to be found in the same shop, this Norwegian silver and enamel brooch makes winter dreamworthy

from curiousknopf, an art deco German coffee set from the 1920s,
not perfect but oh so charming to me!

from starfreckles, a 1920's aeroplane pin that I fell in love with at the first glance

from HeyVivDiscovered, a mustard celluloid manicure kit with
a scene of Balaton Lake in Hungary, a 1930's souvenir

from bubblepipe,
these 1920s lantern shaped Christmas light bulbs sing to my heart

from scottishart, more winter gorgeousness with an art deco
original lacquer chocolate box from the 1920's

from AnotherWomansTreasur, beautiful illustration on this vintage piano sheet

from leesasimpson, stunning enamel and silver earrings

from JOEBERN, a beautifully shaped art deco French compact
that still has the powder and rouge inside!

This time my fancies carried me out and around the world of vintage fashion and I found myself gravitating, as always, towards the unassuming little objects that seem to give a lift to my heart. So here I am, sharing this week's Etsy finds, and hoping to spread a little happiness.


  1. Beautiful. I especially love the oriental bottle. Thanks for including my little set. :)
    Rebeccah from Curious Knopf

  2. It makes me very happy to see these precious things. The colors cheer me up :)

  3. Everything is so lovely, it would be hard to pick a favourite. Great Etsy finds :)

  4. Thank you for including me! I'm very flattered and honored....Theresa aka AnotherWomansTreasur