Sunday 26 September 2010

Lace baby

It wasn't really hot enough to wear this, but I couldn't resist showing off one of my latest purchases, from lovely 1940sweetheart on Etsy.
I bought it with the money I had from selling the lace coat I posted here a little while ago. So lace lead to more lace :), in proper lace junkie fashion. Because it has to be said, along with velvet, crochet & knit, lace is one of my biggest vintage fashion crushes.
I love you pretty dress!
Now I need things to pair it with, preferably picking up the bright accents on the lace, and I'm thinking red or green. I'm doing well here I think with my snake skin (moc) Poetic Licence shoes.
I never said to you how much I like this brand, I do have several shoes from them as they are so much fun, from the designs to the packaging!
But my accessorizing stops there, and I need a bag and a cardigan, to prevent unwanted chills. See? Not matter how much one is buying, it's just never enough! :) So, if you'd like to help me and suggest things, do send a link!


  1. I have a fashion crush on lace too. This dress is so lovely on you!

  2. SO pretty! I agree you could pair it with all kinds of fun and colorful accessories!

  3. that dress is just beyond lovely, there are no words!

  4. thanks ladies, i do like it myself :)