Sunday 4 July 2010

Oh, dear...

At the Primrose Hill Fair I visited in June they were very nice and complimentary about my outfit, which they wanted to take a picture of, for their website. Flattered, I agreed, but I should have worn them what a hard job is to get a good pic of me (my husband knows it all too well).
Now there it is on their website, the best of the bunch taken by lovely Maureen, and I surely look how I felt: sad (no more money to spend), tired (I had woken at 5:30 on my day off for that 3 hour trip to London), with my hair savaged after trying on too many dresses, lipstickless (how unforgivable!), suffering from bad cramps, and on top of it all, wearing some terrible 90 den tights to fight the cold bad weather which had been forecasted. What a fiasco! Here is the same outfit on a better day...

"Nu stiu cu ce ti-am gresit" ("I don't know how I wronged you") is the song I'm sharing with you today, in the interpretation of Romica Puceanu.
Romica Puceanu is a Gypsy singer from Romania who started to sing professionally when she was 14 with the "Brothers Gore taraf", one of the most famous tarafuri of the time.
Highly appreciated for her unique voice and for the sensibility of her singing, being compared to Billie Holiday and Cesaria Evora, she is sadly no longer with us, having perished in a car accident in 1996.
This is a great songs of hers, and hopefully not the only one to be featured on this blog.


  1. Love how you've used bright accessories with this darling dress! Thanks for introducing me to Romica Puceanu's music, too! PS: What would we do without our infinitely patient photographer-hubbies? I had a day similar to the one you described above when we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens. In almost every picture, I was pulling the weirdest faces and my eyes looked creepy. It's crazy how how a person can photograph is very dependent on how they are feeling at the moment. For the record, though, I think you looked just lovely!

  2. Yes, thanks god for the husbands' patience - in more ways than one :)! Even without the cramps only 10% - if not less - of my pics come out ok. I pull weird faces when at my most "normal" :).
    As for the bright accessories, I had to use them, as black and white is less than great on me.
    Truth be told, this is not my best look at all, I find that 50's looks forced on me and some 40's looks are too matronly, and I'm no cheesecake either (too bad!)
    Anyway thanks for the lovely comments and glad you like the song!