Sunday 25 July 2010

1920's to early 30's on Etsy

There was a discussion a little while ago over at fedora lounge about the gateway to vintage fashions. For many, it is the 50s, leading afterwards to a discovery and appreciation of earlier decades, in the never ending quest of finding the perfect look one's heart longs for.

What is going to make me beautiful then? My heart lies with 30s, whether there are the early, mid or late fashions of that decade. It is true though that the more I delve into vintage, the earlier I want to go. Lately it has been the late 1910's through the 20s to the very early 30s that have fired my imagination.

Bellow there are a few examples of what ticks the box for me nowadays.

This 1920s blouse from adelinesattic makes my heart sing:

Another one from her, a brown jersey jacket from the 1920s - I wanted this one badly but it went in the blink of an eye to some other lucky, lucky person:

After weeks of looking at it, this beautiful Hungarian skirt sold (not to me) from PranceAndSwagger

Sold from kickshaw, an early 1930s wool day dress. Look at the fantastic detail!

Father Xmas, guardian angel, tooth fairy or whatever there may be out there, can I have this one pleeeeeeease? From Jewels4pandas

And another one from them:

They also sold this PERFECT (do you hear me?!) coat... it felt as if I was robbed..:)

Another stunner sold a while ago from moonchildvintage:

A fantastic dress available from JojosRetroandVintage:

Sold from annastash, a most beautiful silk crepe dated late 20s to early 30's:

Beautiful beyond words, sold from TimelessVixenVintage:

This purse will knock you off $$$, and it is indeed a knock out! From seriousbeader:

Ok, that's enough, will draw the line here for today, as things have started to get pretty painful. :)


  1. THANKS for featuring my shop items! I must admit I am also 100% in love with the early to mid 30s. I wish I could wear 20s with greater ease. These are remarkably exquisite other finds. That coat is a heartbreaker. I must sheepishly admit that I now own that early 30s wool dress from Kickshaw.

  2. Ha ha, I am glad it was you out of everybody! Post a pic of you wearing it in all its splendor!

  3. My favourites are the 4th, 5th ,6th piece and of course the red coral!