Sunday 25 July 2010

1930s on Etsy

I am spending a good chunk of my time drooling over beautiful objects, so why not making a blog selection with the things that I love (and wish they were mine - provided I had the means, they would).

Evening, occasion or tea party dresses on Etsy - what can be more beautiful and dreamy?

Available from kickshaw

Recently sold by DearGoldenVintage

Sold by JuneeMoonVintage

Available from funkyfindzonline

Available from Kitty Girl Vintage

A robe, anyone?
Available from ekonkar8

The epithome of puffed shoulders, from pranceandswagger

Beautiful casual dress from missmucho

A shorter, late 30s dress from Ms.Tips

And the ultimate selection of blouses, if I may say so myself.

This 30s blouse which broke my heart when it sold, from Loulou's Vintage

Sold from pranceandswagger

Many have sighed for this, and for good reason...sold a little while ago by opendoorclothing

Last but not least, lovely accessories for various budgets - all more generous than mine.

Purse from Eye Candy Antiques

Shoes from simplicityisbliss

Big sigh.


  1. wowee..droolsville. Especially the heavenly (but ridiculously overpriced) 30s shoes!!!

  2. i agree about the shoes, i wonder if sometimes things like that are priced with the intention of not actually selling them....:)